ocean breezes


I had a chance to get away for a drive up the coast with my hubby last week.  One of the wonderful things about the California coastline is the endless miles of sandy beaches ready to take your breath away.

October is one of the absolute best times to get in the car and take in the beauty of the Pacific Ocean. 

We have this little out of the way Mexican food kitchen in the small beach town of Carpenteria that makes the best Carnitas burritos that we always stop at for lunch. 

It also happens to be a block away from the ocean so we picked up our burritos and headed for a picnic table in the sand. 

The great thing about October is that while the temperatures are still in the 80's, the crowds are minimal (with the exception of a group of middle age men playing volleyball in their 1970's too short silk shorts...nuff said on that subject).

After enjoying our lunch amidst the cool ocean breezes we got back in the car and headed for Santa Barbara.

 I am not exaggerating when I say I took over 300 hundred pictures once we got there.  I think I'll save those for another day (don't worry, not all 300).


  1. What a relaxing and lovely day you had. The California coast is so beautiful.

  2. beautiful. need to take a trip to CA very soon. i've never been. we are having rain in VA. (:

  3. I am from the other end of the states but, was able to experience a similar drive up your coast line and into Napa Valley one time - loved it.

  4. I also love the month of October at the beach since all the crowds have diminished. Your photos are wonderful!

  5. October is the best month on the northern coast also. That's when it "probably" fog free and warmer.
    That burrito reminds me of the ones we shared down in Port Hueneme when we were stationed there several years ago. Love your photos.

  6. That is my idea of the perfect getaway. We had two jobs in the Carpenteria area a couple of years ago. It is one of my favorite places. We have a special Mexican place we love there too and walked on the beach many times...missed the volleyball though...darn! I want to live in one of those houses that face the ocean to the right of the main street. There used to be the greatest quilt store there too, but have heard they closed.
    Looking forward to more of your pictures.

  7. Patty, just lovely.

    We are only 45 minutes to the Atlantic Ocean.

    Happy Wednesday!

    Barb ♥

  8. These pictures were beautiful! I have never been to California, and honestly think I have rarely seen pictures of anything other than Hollywood. How pathetic is that? Thanks for sharing yours!

  9. I think the California Coastline is breathtaking!!! What a wonderful trip. I have a sis in law up that way, and I love to visit!! Must find that little shop for carnitas!!!!
    PS Love your new carpet!

  10. Beautiful photographs! (and that burrito looks yummy :O)

  11. I've seen the Pacific in Wahington, but have never gotten south. It is beautiful. I hope to make it there someday!

  12. Gosh I miss that! Even just the smell of the ocean from a distance brings back memories. I used to live in Santa Barbara(sigh). I can't wait to see your pictures!


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