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It's been a while since we spent some time over a cup of coffee and there is no better place than Amy's Lucky Number 13 for a cup of Virtual Coffee.


I shared with you some time ago that we were getting ready to replace the flooring in our living room and today's the day.  After weighing my options and my bank account, we decided to go with carpeting.  While I would have loved to continue the wood flooring from the adjoining dining room the cost to match it was just too high. 

With the decision behind us, I am thrilled with our choice.  Now comes the anticipation of seeing that swatch of sample turn into an entire room of wall to wall carpet.  Did we choose the right color and style?  I'll share it with you soon.

We are expecting our first cool rain of the season tonight and I cannot wait.  I have some Perfect Peach decaffeinated tea waiting to be brewed just a soon as I hear the pitter patter.  Maybe the tease is over and fall is really still my heart.

We live at the base of the most gorgeous mountain range and it is directly in my view the whole way home from work.  This time of year you can almost reach out and touch them.  Yesterday was the first time this season that they took my breath away.  Soon enough they will be filled with spectacular to see.

What would take my breath away in your neck of the woods? 

I'm off to clear out the living room, thanks for stopping by!  Patty


  1. The pictures of your home are beautiful. I'm anxious to see what you pick for carpeting. When we had our home we had all wood floors except the bedroom that was the "grandkids" room. I have to say, especially in cooler weather, I missed the warmth of carpet.
    It rained here last night too and I believe fall is upon us. Loved your fall decorations in the previous post too.

  2. I'm lovin' your roosters! I wished we had dry here.

    Hey, wanted to let you know that I am having a GIVEAWAY here at Lakeshore Cottage sponsored by Ramsign. I hope you will come on over and enter!


  3. Patty
    I love all your fall decor and I'm really looking forward to seeing the new carpeting once it's in.
    What would wow you? Probably the lake or the fall folaige right now.
    But I would love to gaze upon your mountains if I had the chance!

  4. Love your roosters! and let's raise our cups to fall and snowy mountain tops!!

  5. I'm glad you never doubted me for a moment...I doubted me all the way through the chair makeover! HA! :)
    Can't wait to see your carpet...I love how new carpet makes everything feel so clean and new! :)
    The thing around here that would take your breath away is in the spring when you see brand new colts running through KY bluegrass fields when the morning fog is just settling down on the ground. Just beautiful! (and we have some awesome sunsets around here too!) :)

  6. I would love a cup of coffee, and it sounds like you have the perfect view to enjoy while sipping it. I'm just a little jealous of your mountain range : ), maybe someday. Can't wait to see what your carpet looks like. Thanks for stopping by my little's nice to meet you : ).
    Take Care, Carrie

  7. I'm sure the carpet will be beautiful and cozy in your livingroom. I can't wait to see the pictures. You would be wowed by driving along the ocean around here on Long Island in the autumn and seeing the orange, yellow, and red trees on one side, and the beach and ocean on the other.

  8. Sounds like you have THE most wonderful view!

    Carpet makes a room feel cozy and is so much more comfortable on bare feet (especially in the cold months).


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