Summer fashion series coming...


Just stopping in to let you know that because you've been so encouraging about my fashion posts, I'll be a doing a special summer fashion series for women over 50 the first two weeks of May.  I know summer clothes for mature women can be a little lacking in either the coverage or style department so I've been scouring my closet and the internet to find cute things that are both cool enough for the warm weather but cover all the parts we like to keep covered and still be fashionable.

fashion for women over fifty

The series will show you how you can take what you already own, along with one or two new pieces, and come up with enough new looks to carry you through any occasion that may arise this summer, from a quick trip to the grocery store to an evening out with your hubby or friends.

I am planning on posting Monday through Friday for the next two weeks with a regular non fashion post on Saturdays.  I hope you'll join me not only in reading the posts but also in styling a couple of new outfits for your summer wardrobe.

xo, Patty


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