Inspiration Saturday


If you're here expecting to see Shout Out Saturday have no fear it will be back.  I just thought it would be fun to mix it up with a new Saturday offering called Inspiration Saturday where I share some of the things that are inspiring me at the moment.  I hope you enjoy it.

I took full advantage of some recent free time and got busy in my craft room playing with paper and paint.  It had been a long time since I allowed myself that luxury and it was much needed.  I don't know why I wait until I'm creatively parched to quench my soul thirst?

I knew full well the world would be calling soon enough and I would lose that little
window of opportunity so I didn't waste any time in seizing the moment.

I picked up these pretty pastel papers and flowers from Prima Marketing's Fairy Rhymes collection at my local scrapbook store years ago without really knowing what they would turn into. Which is how I do most of shopping and why I accumulate so much stuff, I'm sure.   But that's a post for another time.  And no judging, I'm know I'm not alone in this.  Am I?

Looking for a little bit of inspiration I turned to some of my favorite paper artists blogs. One of my favorites is Heidi Kelley.  I love her work...her use of color and space...and the way she combines paper with paint and all the little detail she adds to her work.  Sadly she isn't blogging anymore but her archives are still available for inspiration.  I used her older art piece called "Their Dresses" as inspiration for this page.

Sometimes looking at a blank page (or when the paper or fabric is too pretty to cut up) can be a little intimidating so having magazines, blogs and pinterest to get you started is so helpful.   This is true of home decor and fashion as well.

The oh, so talented Jeanne Oliver offered up this quote  and I think it is so true.

"Do you know…really know that there is room for all of us?
Are you worried that people will copy you.
They probably will.
Want to hear another secret?
No one can copy you. Not really.
They can try but they will get bored and move on OR you get bored and move on.
You are supposed to keep moving forward anyways.
At the point I see some things copied I am already so tired of it myself that it is just the encouragement I needed to dig deeper."  Jeanne Oliver

Every little bit of inspiration we get is from somewhere or someone.  If someone can use something I've created as a springboard to creating beauty and bringing joy, I say go for it!  I always try to link back to what inspired me because it's just the right thing to do and if I admire someones work I am pretty sure you will, too.

All beauty comes from God anyway.  How we interpret it is just our way of bringing glory to Him.

xo, Patty


  1. Beautiful Patty! That photo of your son in law and grand daughter is so precious!
    xo Kris

  2. I love this post Patty and I believe every word of it.

  3. The colors you used really do inspire me! I have so many pretty papers that I hoard, because I love them so much... just love looking at them.... but if I could make a page like this that I could frame and hang up, then I could enjoy those pretties all the time! Oh but it hurts to cut into it!

  4. What a precious picture. I was thinking it might be your granddaughter and her daddy. You are so clever with paper and paint. Wish I could be. I have done some scrapbooking, but always have to copy someone. I love the quote about that subject. It just fits. Very inspirational post.

  5. A beautiful piece! Good for you for making the time to create. I love the quote, so true and a good encouragement. You are NOT alone, I think anyone who creates really needs a good stash to choose from, that's my excuse anyway. Haha.

  6. Patty,
    I agree, that while we receive inspiration from others, we should not copy their work.
    We can take that inspirational piece and add our own "twist"!
    This "page" speaks to my heart. . .being the Wife of a Retired Army Career Man
    . . .we often welcomed Daddy Home!
    You just keep doing the amazing work that you do, dear friend!
    You're a unique artist. . .one of a kind. . .and I love your work!


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