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I spent a considerable amount of time pinning and planning for my family command center.  I shared a few of my favorite command center pins with you a couple of months ago and I even had a spot picked out in the hallway to use.  But as with all of the best laid plans, it didn't quite go as I had envisioned.  While the space was big enough, it didn't have an electrical outlet for charging the laptop and cell phones plus it was not as centrally located as I would have liked.  So it was back to square one and on to plan B.

putting a command center in a small space

There is a little section between the buffet under our front window and the bar that divides the dining
room from the kitchen.  It's a place where paper, backpacks and mail accumulate already so it made sense to use that spot for our family command center.  I made a new list of how the area would function and what it would hold.

1.  Papers - school work, mail, receipts that need to be filed, correspondence, bills, etc.
2.  The family laptop
3.  Phone charging station
4.  Pencils, glue, ruler and general office/school supplies
5.  A place to leave a note or reminder.

Once the list was made, I started collecting all the things I would need to have it function most efficiently.

Here's the breakdown -

A chalkboard for schedule reminders and notes to the family.  If you're like me you probably have an old chalkboard tucked in a cupboard somewhere.  This one is nice because it is also magnetic so permission slips or notes can be attached to the board as well.  I just repainted the frame and added a hook so that I could hang it vertically.

A metal wall file basket.  The pretty teal blue file folder holder was a new purchase from Home Goods and it holds all the paper clutter.  There is a folder for mail, one for school and one for misc.  I embellished the first folder with some pretty vintage wrapping paper to add a pop of color to the front.  I also tucked a calendar and a notebook in the back for list making.

The little desk was a thrift store find and it fit in the space perfectly.  I added some pretty dishes to hold the office supplies and cell phones as they charge.

It makes such a big difference having all this stuff in it's proper place and it just goes to show that it doesn't have to be elaborate or cost a fortune to get organized.

I love it when plan B turns out better than plan A would ever have, don't you?

xo, Patty


  1. Perfect! That's a great little wall basket. :)

  2. Very functional and very cute, which is most important. I hope everyone uses it as you envision.


  3. I love it!! I'm working on one too and you've given me some ideas. Thanks for sharing :)

  4. A perfect spot. And so organized! Love it!
    xo Kris


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