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Today is my 55th birthday.  Yep, I said it,,,fifty five, inching closer to the big 6-0.  Yikes, when did that happen?  I am not a big numbers person, birthdays don't normally bother me, but I have to admit this one is kind of getting to me.  How can I be half way through my 50's when I still feel 39?

I found this picture of actress Ali Macgraw and shared it on facebook last week.  She is 77 years old
and you know what, she looks like a beautiful 77 year old.  Not a 77 year old trying to look 20, 30, 40, 50 or even 60.  She looks like a woman who has most likely lived a life filled with ups and downs, easy times and hard times but that sparkle in her eyes say it's been a good, long, beautiful life just the same.

When I look in the mirror at 77 (God willing) I want to be able to say the same thing about myself.  I want the reflection looking back to still hold a twinkle in the eye and a dream in my heart.  What about you?

I always get reflective this time of the year, looking at where I'm going and acknowledging where I've been and this year is no different.  I've just started Beth Moore's book Audacious and right off the bat she presents us with these two questions...

What is your dream?
What is your vision for the future?

The answers came to me immediately...without any hesitation I knew.  You see I am at a good place in my life right now.  I have a renewed passion for life, I'm doing something that I love and I am reaching for the moon with a dream that's brewing deep within me and that makes all the difference.

I had some fun looking back at my birthday posts over the last few years and I couldn't resist sharing the links to them with you.  Hopefully they will encourage you to embrace life, flaws and troubles and all, no matter what your number.

If you are new to my blog these posts will be a good way for you to get to know me a bit and if you've been around a while, thanks for indulging this birthday girl.

On turning 54, resurrecting old dreams - Last year was a turning point year for me.  I put to rest some things in my head and accepted where I was and I laid out a new vision of where I wanted to go in the future.  While I let go of some things I needed to, I resurrected a few dreams as well.  Little did I know what that would mean for me this year.

On turning 52, attitude is everything - This is probably one of my all time favorite posts because of the hope it offers.  Just a warning, I was feeling a little wordy, so pour yourself some coffee and settle in for this one.

On turning 51, the day after - I wrote this post just a couple of months after my dad passed away and I can remember this time in my life vividly.  You see I was one of the lucky ones with a dad that thought I hung the moon and his lack of presence is still a gaping hole in my life

I am sharing this excerpt from my post On turning 52 because it still resonates to my very core and I hope it will be encouraging to you.

"While there is no denying that our bodies can only do so much when it comes to aging and creams and scalpels can only preserve youth to a certain extent, our minds, hearts and spirits are another story.  We alone are in control of our attitude toward life no matter what life stage we are in.  Our mental outlook can be that of a fresh young thing or a bitter older woman.  Our hearts can choose to be thankful for what we have and see those who love us, or they can focus on betrayal and discontent.  Our spirits can soar with anticipation and hope or they can wallow in what might have been or used to be."   Patty Marker - Lemon Lane Style

My outward circumstances have changed very little but my attitude has and that is they key to living a good life.  The year I was born makes very little difference in all of that.  It is just a number and that number can't extinguish my hearts passion unless I...unless we let it.

And let's not (you and I) let it.  Ask yourselves these two questions,

What is your dream?
What is your vision for the future?

and let's vow to make this next year our best dreaming, loving and stretching year ever.

xo, Patty


  1. Happy Birthday! Yes I hear you since i am 56, I get mad when I get Senior Citizen stuff in the mail. Hey I am still young?!

  2. Happy, happy birthday Patty. Your attitude is to be commended and shared! We are only older if we allow ourselves to feel that way. I wake up with an ache or pain sometimes now but in my mind I'm still 20 something....only better.

  3. Happy Birthday to you!!! Double nickels is a good age to be and may you have a wonderful year. I'm 61 and still have goals and dreams.

  4. Happy Birthday Patty. I to am 55 and often very reflective on my birthday. I think your past few year birthday posts have been quite similar to mine thoughts.
    I have retired and feel the clock ticking. I often try to squeeze too many things into my life. I have so many things I think I still need to do...hobbies that I want to do. Sometimes, I come to my senses and realize I can't do them all, so I try to figure out just which one to do, but that is hard. I think maybe sometimes I just over analyze and need to live more in the moment. But, those moments are ticking. I am in a happy place. I found it hard to turn the work switch off, but I am better everyday with that.
    I absolutely love that picture of Ali McGraw. Isn't she beautiful?! I love that she is just natural. I chose at 40 to let my hair age gracefully, and it is one of the best things I have ever done. I am noticing a lot more wrinkles these days, but I am allowing it be just what it is. I don't want to be in the rat race of trying to be something I am not anymore.
    Happy Happy Birthday! Enjoy.

  5. Happy Birthday Patty! Now....that didn't hurt, did it? I just turned 56. It's just a number.
    Enjoy your day!!!
    xo Kris

  6. Happy Birthday Patty! You have exactly the right attitude to keep that sparkle in your eye. I will be 58 this year! It is easy to let a number bring us down, but that would be a silly waste of time wouldn't it? I say live life tot he fullest, and this age actually provides more opportunity for that than when I was younger. Wishing you a blessed day and a fabulous year of dreams come true!

  7. Patty,
    HaPpY BiRtHdAy, dear friend!
    May this be your most memorable birthday ever!
    Celebrate YoU each and every day!

  8. Happy birthday, Patty! I'm not too far behind you. I'll be 54 in August. I had a terrible time turning 50 and there's still a lot of times I'm not comfortable with being in my 50's. I guess it seems like such an "ignored" age. When we're in our 40's, we're still young and attractive (in society's eyes).
    Wow, Ali McGraw! I had no idea she was in her late 70's. I still see her as a young woman. I'm glad she's not one of those Hollywood women who've had plastic surgery. She is naturally beautiful. I saw Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 yesterday and noticed right away that Lainie Kazan got Botox in her lips. I thought it looked ridiculous, but each to their own, I guess.

  9. Happy Birthday Patty and Carry on girl! So says this 58 yo newly retired woman. Now that I have embraced my 50s and I am no longer trying to hide my age, I find I freely tell people my age and tell them that now I actually am thankful with each birthday because I have lost so many of my friends to cancer and other tragedies. Sure I do an inventory of my aches and pains each morning, but push through them and participate in Zumba and dance lessons! Thanks so much for sharing. Life is so good.

  10. Happy Birthday! I am 65 and you probably think that is well....older. Yes, it is. But you know just a few weeks ago I was 50 and I didn't mind at all. But now...I have to learn to be 65 and I also have a bit of ADD. Soo......I am working at being the best 65 I can be. : )

  11. Happy Birthday a little late!! How can we be 55 when we were 37 last year???😄💕🎈🎉

  12. Happy Birthday a little late!! How can we be 55 when we were 37 last year???😄💕🎈🎉


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