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It's been a while since I picked up a pretty bouquet of flowers at the grocery store.  I had forgotten how nice it is to see their pretty faces smiling at me when I enter a room especially when the weather outside is less than spring like.

It doesn't hurt that I found them in all my favorite colors either.

I love the way they look tucked into this simple blue mason jar, adding another splash of color to my favorite corner.

I would always have lots of fresh flowers around if money were no object.

And simple bunches of daisies are my absolute favorite...next to sunflowers and zinnias and roses and tulips and hydrangeas...

I guess they are all my favorites.

Isn't that funny?  If you asked me my favorite ice cream or my favorite color or my favorite movie or even my favorite girl scout cookie I could give you an answer no problem (praline, orange, Sleepless in Seattle and thin mints) but favorite flower...not so easy.

What about you?  What are your favorites?  Don't over think it, just whatever comes to your mind.

Flower...ice cream...color...movie...girl scout cookie?

It'll be fun to see what comes out on top.  I'll post the favorites on Monday.  Have a wonderful weekend dear ones.

xo, Patty

btw...I am going to start answering direct questions with the reply button in the comment section.  I feel badly if I can't locate a return email address and don't want you to think I don't love your comments or am ignoring your questions.  So if you have asked me a question recently and I have not answered, check back to the original posts comment section for my response.  I am going to do my best to catch up this weekend.  I hope this is helpful.  Patty


  1. I'm always torn about about those "no reply" bloggers. I usually respond to them on my blog, and to everyone else via e-mail. As a commentor, I know that I don't remember ever post I've commented on, so I find I never go back and see if there's been a response. But, I love receiving e-mail responses. I guess there's no perfect system...

    As to my favorites? Ben & Jerrys Chocolate Fudge Brownie, Green, White Christmas, & Thin Mints. I didn't forget about flowers, but... I have the same problem as you -- I CAN'T CHOOSE!

  2. bubblegum, pink, Stranger on the Shore, chocolate cream filled. Flowers? They are all my favorites ~ I don't see how you couldn't love each and every flower on this planet

  3. I like all flowers but I guess some of my favorites would be Hydrangeas, Daisies, Roses. I'm ready for some REAL flowers to start blooming around here. I just stumbled upon your blog, love it, and I'm a new follower. I need one of those crafting aprons, I'm always losing my scissors and I need a place to stick a few extra glue sticks! I'd love a visit from you whenever you have the time.

  4. I can't pick a favorite flower for I love them all! My very favorite ice cream is Tillamook Caramel Butter Pecan. It is a true love affair!! Most of my favorite movies are chick flicks which does include Sleepless in Seattle. My color is green followed close by red. But my most favorite right now is I have daffodils blooming!!! What a pick me up!!

  5. What a sunny bouquet, Patty! Simply beautiful things like that are what make my day a little brighter!! I love how you put them in a blue mason jar., too.
    I'm so glad you're doing well! I may not comment as often as I should, but I'm always looking at your blog. :) It's always been one I look forward to reading!

  6. Daisies (I have some on my kitchen table now :-), Mackinac Island Fudge, yellow, Terms of Endearment and Thin Mints
    Fun questions!

  7. Lily of the Valley, vanilla, yellow, The Way We Were, Trefoil shortbread

  8. Tulip, strawberry, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, and Samoas.

    Cottage Making Mommy

  9. Hi Patty. Beautiful flowers!! Let's see...my favorite flower is gardenia, my fav ice cream is mint chip, my favorite color is red...and yellow...and favorite GS cookie....all of them. Never met a cookie I didn't like. It's a curse!!
    Have a great weekend!!
    xo Kris

  10. Patty- Your flowers are beautiful. I love lilacs first and roses second...but really love ALL flowers. I hope you have a good weekend- xo Diana

  11. Patty,
    My all time favorite flower...Sunflowers!!!
    My favorite celebration flower is a Rose!
    Due to serious allergy problems all flowers indoors are(and must be) faux!
    I enJOY the Sunflower patch that "Mr. Ed" plants every year
    and can view it from our patio doors off the dining & living rooms!
    The Sunflower photos on my sidebar are from our garden!
    Sunflower, Vanilla, Blue, The Way We Were, Peanut Butter!!!

  12. I LOVE roses but to be fair anything will do. Daisies are gorgeous in their simplicity but then there's nothing like the scent of freesia, or honeysuckle, or lily of the valley .... oh dear can't stop x Jane

  13. Peonies, yellow, Mocha Heath bar crunch, too hard, Thin Mint

    Your flowers are so cheerful and the photography is terrific.

  14. Daisies, pink, chocolate chip cookie dough (Ben and Jerry's), You've Got Mail, Caramel delites.

  15. Zinnia, don't like ice cream (I'm not crazy I promise, just not that into sweets), orange, Chocolat w/Johnny Depp (I love movies with hidden meanings!), and Thin Mints.
    I love your choice of flowers. Very pretty. Enjoy!

  16. Daisies, chocolate anything, Pretty Woman, once again: anything chocolate. I was at the grocery today and looked at the flowers. The cheapest was $6.99, so I passed.

  17. Carnations for me! they seem to last a looooong time and I love that!!i

  18. Oops wasn't done gladiolus when there in season make a beautiful centerpiece too.. I love market flowers..

  19. Flower...ice cream...color...movie...girl scout cookie?
    Flower ... tulips!
    Ice Cream ... chocolate
    Color ... purple!!! & variations of it - iris, violet, lavender, as well as periwinkle
    Girl Scout cookie ... hmmm - its between the lemon sandwich cookies and the peanut butter's!
    Movie ... that would be like asking me to pick a favorite book!

  20. Daffodils, don't like ice cream, colour blue - pale best, film: fried green tomatoes. Afraid l am one of those "no reply bloggers" problem is l never check my email...l do check back to a post if l have asked a question though :-) Pam x

  21. Love your sweet bouquet! It looks pretty with all of your lovelies. Goodness, hard to decide, but here goes, Pansies, mocha, robin's egg blue, Under the Tuscan Sun, Thin Mint. Have a lovely weekend! xx

  22. Hello! I love the pictures of the flowers, they instantly make you smile.

    Flower - Bluebell
    Ice cream - Mint choc chip
    Colour - yellow
    Girl scout cookie - we dont have them in England but my fave cookie flavour is cherry and oat.
    Movie - Tough one! I think its probably Mary Poppins!

    Jerra x

  23. Favorites? White Daisys, tootsie rolls, quiet days, my home. Emma and I love green! Kit

  24. Love your bright, beautiful colors!
    Flower - Johnny jump-ups; wildflowers
    Ice cream - mint chocolate chip
    (I'll pass on color - I have too many faves!)
    GS cookies - Thin Mint
    (I'll have to pass on movies too; too many faves!)

  25. Hydrangea. But like you oh so difficult to nail down. I really want to grow foxgloves in my garden and then it would be them...for a time.

  26. Like you I can't seem to choose a favorite flower. I love them all.
    My favorite ice cream? Moose track:>)


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