outside is calling


I don't know if it's the time change giving us longer light filled evenings, the weather warming or the brilliant blue skies but more and more of my time is finding me outside.

I spent the better part of this weekend preparing the back flower bed and raised bed planters for spring planting.  I removed plants that were put in by the previous owner that didn't fit into my country garden vision and moved and divided a few plants that had overgrown their current space.

I tagged along with my husband to Lowes on Saturday expecting to pick up a bag of compost and came home with a composting bin!  I have wanted one for the longest time and got a really good deal on one that fits my space perfectly.  It took a little convincing to get my hubby to agree to it's usefulness but I believe he's (mostly) on board now.  I think he was just glad it made me happy.

Speaking of happy...the results of our impromptu survey made me smile because it confirmed what I already knew, we are one diverse bunch of ladies who have found common ground in our uniqueness.

Here's the list...

Favorite flower...no such thing, we love all flowers. 
Favorite ice cream...anything with chocolate
Favorite color...yellow
Favorite movie...chick flicks
Favorite girl scout cookie...thin mints

That was fun. Thanks for playing along.

Have a wonderful Monday friends.

xo, Patty

I shot the daisy pictures from below, mid morning with the sun streaming down using a 50 mm lens. I set my ISO at 400, my Fstop (aperture) to 2.5 and my SS was 4000.      Listen to me sounding all technical...lol


  1. I love your photos of the daisies. So pretty. You will really enjoy having a composter and it reduces the weekly garbage a lot by throwing all the compostibles in it. Plus, the resulting compost is great for the garden! Enjoy your spring!

  2. Your photography really is looking marvelous! Your daisy shots are so artistic. Just beautiful, Patty!

  3. My heart is in the garden, but my body seems to be stuck on the sofa. Trying to get my groove back.

  4. Hi Patty, I have been in my flower garden for the most part of two days getting it ready too. Yesterday was glorious. Your daisy is pretty. You do sound technical! xo, olive

  5. You lucky girl. We are at least a month and a half away from "outdoor" weather. Beautiful pictures- xo Diana

  6. Desperate to get in my garden but the weather won't let me - snow at the moment! You've given me something to dream about until it warms up a bit x Jane

  7. I can't wait to get digging in the dirt! Beautiful pictures.

  8. So nice of hubby to get on board with the compost bin! I was able to get out on Saturday for a full day of yard work, but now it is back to rain all week.:( We take what we can get, don't we? Lovely photos of cheerful flowers. Loved the survey results. I have thin mints in my cupboard right now! xx

  9. It's still cold here. But I don't feel well enough to get outside anyway. Darned this stupid, non-healing ankle anyway. Your photos are lovely. And I don't do technical, so I take my pretend hat off to you.

  10. Patty, how sweet of your husband. Wow, you do sound technical. *grin I'm loving this time of the year with all the flowers and newness. I shared a bit of that on my blog today; even a few pictures.
    That's what I like about bloggy world; meeting different unique people who become friends.

  11. Patty,
    I love it when you talk all techie to me, dear friend!!!
    I've been having no luck at all finding out what that 100, 200, 400, 800 on my camera is...thanks for sharing with me (ISO)...now I'll google it to find out!!!
    Love your photos!!!
    Have a marvelous week!!!

  12. Your photography has already come so far!! Wow! Yea for the new compost bin!!!
    Have fun!!
    XO Kris

  13. I always love your garden...and the windmill is the icing on the cake...funny how we are all alike. Thanks for sharing these wonderful pictures and your outdoor projects

  14. Beautiful photos.. I too have been feeling the need to get outside. The weather "I think" it beginning to warm up here I am hoping for good now.. Yesterday it rained all day but today was in the 70's didn't get much outside time though because there's so much inside to be done but I just told my husband tonight soon as it stays warm out Saturday is my day. He can take care of all the dogs and everything that needs to be done. As for me Im goin to either be outside or going garage sale hopping or thrifting.. I need to get out.. LOL

  15. Gorgeous photos...I can't wait to see flowers outside again instead of snow!


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