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I suddenly realized that I have nothing to do today.  Nothing that needs to be taken care of, nothing that won't wait until next week to accomplish.

I've spent the last few days working in the gardens, tilling and composting and dreaming of Spring in full bloom.

I finished my March mixed media class sample (my favorite to date) and it is ready to be dropped off at the shop.

The house is clean enough to get us through the weekend.

I think today this chair is calling me.  I have a stack of magazines (Yes, I still buy my favorites.  Do you?) waiting for me to browse.

Our gorgeous weather is calling for ice tea and not hot, but that won't stop me from curling up and just taking the day for me.

What about you?  What are you up to today?  I hope you have a few curled up minutes planned somewhere.

xo, Patty

btw...thank you for all your sweet birthday wishes for my mom.  I know she reads my comments and appreciated every one of them.  Oh, and the only scolding I got was for the "questionable politics" comment (an inside joke).  Otherwise she was tickled by the post.


  1. haha - I wondered about "questionable politics" when I read it... thought maybe it was an inside joke.

  2. Wonderful you are all caught up with your work and can relax. I don't think I ever have a day like that. Enjoy your time in your big comfy chair:)

  3. Get in your comfy chair and talk to you creator. That could be peaceful.

  4. Lucky you.. just took a quick brake. . Was working on my yard racking. . Filled up 3 bags of leaves. ..I had to stop and call my yard man for help my back is killing me..we are in a bad drought...we need rain... enjoy your reads..

  5. I'm cleaning now so I envy your day right now, hope you enjoy the day looking at your magazines. I still buy Country Living and once in the while HFTV, but most have got so high priced that I don't buy them.
    Love the colorful pillows!

  6. Patty,

    I still buy my favorite magazines...I can't curl up with my computer so in some ways they still reign supreme! Have a great day.

    Amy Jo

  7. I start my house clean tomorrow, so I envy you that yours is now done and you can sit and relax. Enjoy. Chel

  8. I love that quilt! I hope you had a wonderful day off:>)

  9. The questionable politics made me laugh. I am now curled up waiting for hubby to get home so we can eat my favorite rice dish. Cilantro rice, yum!!! I painted a wall in my living room today. Painted one yesterday too. ;) I no longer feel the need to GET. IT. DONE. ASAP lol I find that this way I can get something done, clean up the mess, put things back in order and still have time to enjoy the day. After all, the rest of the walls will still be there next week. Have a great weekend. I am new to your blog but really enjoy reading your posts. Very uplifting.

  10. I have been cooking for twenty 12th grade boys for a weekend church retreat. Before that I went to a fun estate sale. I get about three or four favorite magazines but only if the price is low. I would curl up in your lovely spot gladly:}

  11. What a lovely post Patty. That quilt is just eye candy, and I love it! I also took the day for me. I woke with the sun, and got busy right away outside. Then I had my breakfast out on the patio. I got out some of my Spring things, and put away some winter things. I am taking some time right now to rest, and then I will get back to it for a little while at least. We will go to Big Bear in the morning. You have a great weekend, planting, cuz I know you will!!!
    : ) XO Kris

  12. What a gorgeous quilt. So glad you had time for yourself. Hoping to create some tonight... Enjoy your weekend.

  13. Stopping by after finding you on the side bar of Echo of my Heart.......what a lovely blog you have and so enjoyed your entry today. The quilts are just gorgeous, as are your thoughts. Happy weekend!

  14. That chair does look rather inviting.....

  15. Sounds like a wonderful day! Isn't't it nice to have one of those ever so often?



  16. Hello Patty! Love all your bright colors in your home! I have always wanted to be a quilter! Don't you just love the waether we are having?! Good to hear your have been in your garden...I need to get out more!

    Thinking of you!

  17. Oh, I so need a day like that, but it won't happen for another week or so. Tomorrow, I plan to dig around in my little secret garden and get it ready to plant. It's supposed to be 86, so I may wash windows too. I love the quilt on your chair and would love to curl up with a magazine (or book) and a cup of tea. Enjoy your day, my friend and I will live it through you. I don't buy many magazines anymore, but still grab one or two if the fancy strikes.

  18. Patty,
    Kickin' back, huh???
    Does your chair have room for two???
    I can't thank you enough for all the encouragement you gave with your recent camera class post! I've been trying to figure out some of the settings on my point and shoot camera. What an amazement when I found how to turn off the flash!!! (Of course, I erased nearly 1,000 photos at the same time!!! Calm down...I have them in the computer and ran a disc to save them!!!)
    So~o~o...I'm trying out new things with my photos...and I am so encouraged to go farther!!!
    Again, many thanks, dear friend!!!

  19. I am delighted that you have a day to kick back and enjoy. Your photos of those bright and cheery quilts look like a spring garden in bloom . . . so very pretty :)
    Have Fun!
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  20. I'd love to curl up on those pretty pillows with the quilt. So nice to have a day to just relax. I'm so envious that you are working in your garden. I get a day here and there where it's nice enough to do so. We had a few snowflakes today!

  21. A visit to Lemon Lane is always so lovely and bright! I hope that you enjoyed your day!

  22. That sounds perfect! Wishing we were having some of that Spring like weather you are having. That quilt! Did you make it?

  23. A day without plans. Sounds lovely! I must say I have too many plans for today. But they are all fun plans. I redecorate the living room for March. All my green items. :) Have a great day! Kit

  24. Everything looks so bright and uplifting, Patti!

    You can always pop over if you find yourself with some free time and need a little snow with your lemonade. :)

    Enjoy your Sunday.


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