a crafter's apron


I was folding laundry this weekend when I noticed yet another good T-Shirt with a paint stain on it.  I can't tell you how many shirts I've ruined with paint and other crafting supplies.  My bottom drawer is full of them.  I am supposed to change out of my "good" clothes and put on one of my paint shirts before I get started in my studio but this rarely happens.

If you are anything like me, you strike while the iron is hot.  When the creating button turns on in your head you go with it.

I thought it was about time I made myself a crafting apron to slip over whatever I have on.  Since I knew it was going to get dirty there were no sense spending any money on it so I looked through my stash and found some durable muslin.

I added some found lace and a couple of simple embroidery stitches to the pockets.  There is no reason functional can't be pretty, right.

I've already gotten a few smudges of blue paint on it from my latest project.

What about you, do you have designated clothes for painting and crafting or are you an apron girl like me?

On another note, I've noticed some new followers in the last few weeks and I just wanted to welcome you and thank you for stopping by my little rambling blog.  Leave me a comment if there's something you want to know or talk about.  I'd love to hear from you.  And if you have been following me for a while...you know I love you and would love to answer any questions you have as well (although I can't imagine there is anything you don't know about me or anything I haven't put my foot in yet).

Happy Monday all.  Just think we have a whole new week to do something wonderful!

xo, Patty


  1. I think your crafter's apron is a great idea and very pretty! I need something like that when I get to crafting and painting. I have quite a few ruined shirts and pants!

  2. Clever idea for a craft apron. Be sure to keep it in your studio at all times so it will be handy there. Plus an old stained shirt too.

  3. Love the apron idea. How wonderful to look cute while you work!

    Girl, you wouldn't want to see my painting clothes. They're a mixture of old scrubs, holey sweats, and over-sized T-shirts. Some kind of sight.

  4. Patty- I love your apron. You do not want to know how many clothes I have wrecked painting. I, too, will start something thinking that I won't be too messy....yep...ruined another piece of clothing- xo Diana

  5. Patty,
    I was about to tell you, I thow my paint shirts in the cupboard with my paint cans...
    when I saw that you have already made this darling apron!!!
    Keep the apron...it's too darn cute!!!

  6. I never change clothes. I am in love with that apron!

  7. That is the cutest apron! Love the embroidery. I love that you made it special even if it is for working. I have designated painting clothes for those big projects, but use an apron for the smaller things. Oh, I'm one of your new followers and love your blog. xoxo

  8. Cute apron! I have lots of aprons, but like you, when I get an idea - I just start without thinking about ruining a piece of clothing.


  9. I have an old shirt that has numerous paint colours, pin holes, safety pins etc. A bit of a mess really! You've inspired me to do something more feminine and crafty - a statement to say 'I'm on a mission - not to be disturbed!'. Chel x

  10. What a beautiful apron - I think you need another apron on top to keep it looking this pretty! x Jane

  11. What a great idea! I'm too ditzy to think first. That's why my glasses still have specks of blue spray paint on them from months ago.

  12. Love your apron, the embroidery is so pretty as well as decorative. Do you have a pattern for your apron?
    I have a bunch of older clothes I wear around house when I know I'm going to be staying at home. I bought some of those old lady pull on jeans this fall from our thrift store. I've managed to get paint on some of them, not much but when I went to wipe paint off my hands I reached too far beyond my ratty painting apron and got paint on pants. I wear pants to go into small town close to us but not into G.J.
    I need to make an apron that covers more of me I think. It's nice that aprons are in style again. I see now why women wore aprons years ago to protect their clothes. I'll start to do something as impulse strikes and have to remind myself to change clothes. Sometimes it's too late. Happy days

    1. That's the nice thing about making your own apron, you can customize it to fit your needs. Mine started without the top part but I soon realized that I needed protection from paint there, too. No pattern, just kind of cut and adjusted. I am sure any simple apron pattern could be modified longer. Good luck and thanks for stopping by. Patty

  13. Hi Patty. I also ruin a lot of clothing by neglecting to change before I begin a project. I have a stack in my drawers for just such a purpose. But I keep messing up more, and making that stack bigger!! I also love aprons, but mostly for cooking. I also like to wear one in particular for gardening, and for hanging out the clothes. I love big pockets to put things in too. Your apron is darling. I love the stitchery on yours!!

  14. Hi Patty, your apron is delightful . . . so pretty.
    I love the girly touches.
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  15. Absolutely love the apron you made!.. and I am like you.. Im an apron girl or should I say I've become one in the last year. I finally got tired of ruining my clothes when I cook, clean , craft etc so now I have 2 aprons I wear..

  16. Patty,

    That is a darling apron!

    Yes, I have a few of those stained shirts, too. Ha.



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