on gardening and anniversaries


My dad was a gardener.  It was something he took great pride in.  He loved nothing more than to be outside, sun beating on his back with a hoe in his hand, tending to his tomatoes and beloved roses.

It seems hard to believe that it has been a year today since he passed from this life to his eternal one.  In some ways it seems like just yesterday, missing him is so fresh, and then at other times I struggle to hold on to what was, conjuring up thoughts purposefully in my mind. 

Being outside in my little vegetable patch brings back such good memories, the warm and fuzzy kind, the kind I treasure.  In my mind my dad is strong and healthy.  I can see his weathered hands and his farmers tan as he works the earth with his garden tools.

I guess that's where I get it from, this love of the land.  The joy that comes from arranging God's colors in ways that please my eye and nourish my soul.

My latest garden is tucked into a little corner of our backyard.  My husband built me two raised bed planters to grow a few vegetables and herbs in. 

I have big plans for the area including gravel paths, climbing roses, a new potting bench, a compost corner and shade screens for some of the more sensitive herbs, but that is for the future.

This year it was all about the soil and the placement of the beds and of course, getting those first vegetables in the ground.  I have learned to only grow what we already like to eat.

 Plenty of tomatoes, red juicy strawberries, cucumbers...

sweet and hot peppers, two kinds of lettuce, a few rows of radishes...

a couple of grapevines, lots of herbs...

and sugar snap peas.  I love these little wattle fences I stuck in the ground to try and keep them upright.  I am not sure how long they will be effective but for now they are working fine.

The area is only around 12 x 12 but it is enough for me to feel a connection to my dad and the heritage he passed down to me.  One that I will hopefully instill in the little ones that are fond of picking strawberries and tomatoes right of the vine as they help mom-mom in the garden.

Thank you dad for this love and so much more.  I miss you dearly.

I am on my way out to my mom's for a couple of days. Talk to you soon and have a sunshine filled first week of spring.

xo, Patty


  1. not sure what you believe. but i like to think your father - like many of my family are doing what they love to do in heaven. so i will think that your Dad is tending to his garden like always. enjoying it to the best. it's the little kid in me that holds on to that heaven will be fun & beyond our imagination. it will be the best. just amazing.

    i love your gardens. so fun. enjoy! we had snow this AM. now melted but still so windy & cold. brrr!! ( :

  2. Your garden is looking great. I have not planted a thing just yet. Snow on the way again.

    I am sorry for the loss of your father. My father passed away 22 years ago yesterday. I still miss him. He was a gardener, also. Sadly, I didn't take the time to learn from him. I wasn't interested when I was young. Then came babies. I lost him too soon. But we always lose our parents too soon.

    Your father will live on in the knowledge you obtained from him.

  3. What a lovely post, I am sorry to read about the loss of your dad, its nice to hear how you remember him as a gardener whilst looking after your own little patch.

    Laura x

  4. Isn't it amazing to realize how tied we are to our parents in the simple acts of living- like gardening. My Dad was a farmer and loved planting, too. This time of year always makes me mourn his loss. He passed when I was 21 and I STILL miss him after all these years. God bless you- those first few years of missing him are awfully hard sometimes. Have fun at your Mom's house- xo Diana

  5. Very sweet memories of your Dear Father. I just lost mine 9 months ago. He had Alzheimer's so I really lost him years before that. I still remember my Father's hands, too, so hard working, yet tender enough to tie a grandchild's little shoe lace. Our Father's live on in our hearts and stay with us through our fond memories. He would be proud of your love of the land and efforts to pass that on to your own children. Their legacy lives on through us. Hugs to you. Enjoy your visit with your Dear Mother. xoxo

  6. Isn't it a great pleasure to have such sweet and precious memories of your dad? They stay with us in memories but, we'd just love to have them here to put their arms around us and hug us. But we have to know that they are healthy and well now.

    Your garden looks really good already.

    Enjoy your visit with your mom.


  7. The first anniversaries of loosing a parent are so a gLAd you are going to spend some time with your mothlok like your garden is doing well. I cn't imagine anything green here right now with the newsman talking of snow. I will think of heaven with a beautiful garden this year.

  8. Patty, I hope God gives you comfort and peace as you remember your dad today. I know it's not easy. What wonderful memories you've shared with us about him! It sounds like you really learned a lot from him and have gardening in common! :) I hope you're able to fulfill those terrifc plans for the garden!

  9. Your garden is looking wonderful, we still have snow here:( Great to hear the memories of your Dad, how special.

  10. Ohhhhh, I know exactly how you feel about remembering your dad, the gardener, and still missing him.

    My dad always had a huge garden, too. He died in 1989 and I STILL miss him. Whenever I see daffodils or iris, he comes to mind.

    Or at the farmers' market when I see all those fresh corns on the cob, carrots and so on, it propels me back to childhood and all the delicious veggies daddy's garden produced.

    We both have been very lucky to have such lovely memories of our dads and their gardens. Susan

  11. Blessings to you on the anniversary of love and remembrance. I am sure your mom will be glad to see you and share some time and memories also. Your garden is off to a wonderful start...isn't container gardening the best? have a safe trip.

  12. I'm so sorry to hear about your Dad. It's wonderful the memories we have of our parents and how the things they taught us endure thru our lives and we pass those things onto our own children. I hope the memories you have will help to ease some of the pain you have from your Dad passing.
    Mine passed when I was very young. He loved his grand children so much, loved to teach them things, talk to them. He always marveled how bright they seemed to him. My Dad and I shared the love of traveling and doing art. He was an oil painter and I'm a crafter in other mediums. Painting is not my forte at all. So many times I think of both my parents, especially now that I'm older (72) and wonder what they'd think of my life.
    Happy Spring, keep up the beautiful gardening.

  13. Just popping in to say Hi and enjoying all your garden starts. I glad to hear you will be spending a couple days with your Mom. Just think of all the memories you two can enjoy together. I don't care how old or young we are when we loose our father, we will always be Daddy's little girl!! hugs!

  14. Lovely garden.... Lost my Mom a little over a year ago.. Memories are a precious thing! Have a great weekend. V

  15. Patty, I am so glad you have sweet memories of your father. Your gardening skills are your tribute to him!

  16. The legacies we leave behind are, I believe, limited to the ways we touch the souls of others. Clearly, your Dad and his gardening touched your soul. Visiting our soul is always a lovely place to go. Your Dad is there with you each time you do so. His gift will live on in your soul always! I love your 12 x12 slice of heaven! Hugs, Annette

  17. Patty,
    A precious tribute to your Dad!
    EnJOY your time spent with your MoM, dear friend!!!

  18. Your post is so heartwarming. My father was a gardener too. You brought back sweet memories.

  19. I'm just catching up on posts today, these anniversaries can be tough, but your dad clearly made a big difference in your life and was dealy loved. What other legacy could any parent ask for? I'm sure it is a joy to your mother to know your deep love and admiration for him. I hope you both had a wonderful time remembering him ♥


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