Trusting God - Faith Walk Friday


"Trust me enough to let things happen without striving to predict or control them...When you project yourself into the future, rehearsing what you will do or say, you are seeking to be self sufficient: to be adequate without My help...The alternative is to live fully in the present, depending on me each moment."  Sarah Young, Jesus Calling

I hate to admit it but this is exactly how I have lived my life, even having complete conversations in my head over future events.  Nine times out of ten I have envisioned worst case scenarios that never come to pass.  All that wasted energy worrying.  All the wasted day to day moments spent fretting over what might happen in the future.

I shared earlier in the week about my cleansing weekend retreat.  I had such a time of renewal and acceptance, finally coming to terms with what is not in my control and nailing those areas of my life to the cross.

"Trust in the LORD and do good.  Then you will live safely in the land and prosper.  Take delight in the LORD and he will give you your heart's desires." Psalm 37:3-4

Really trusting the Lord...what a burden that's been lifted.  How much easier it is to live fully in the moment.  Accepting the good and the bad in life one day at a time.  In the past my mind would default to whatever my crisis of the moment was.  If there wasn't one, then the enemy had a playlist of favorites that he could replay as needed.  The trick now is to occupy my mind with thoughts that are pleasing to God.  It is definitely a work in progress...old habits die hard, but I am committed to living life fully in the present.

xo, Patty


  1. Hello Patty,

    This is a wonderful message, a beautiful post - lovely artwork, too.

    Praise the Lord!

    :) Hope

  2. Patty, I always say I inherited my mother's "worry gene"...Yikes. I still worry...but when I feel that I am going to far with the worry, I pray. God has been so good to me in my life. I see where he has blessed me with the will to work hard for my family. He has given me a strong sense of purpose. Stay strong in your faith. Smiles, Susie

  3. What a blessing you are, thank you for this lovely post
    Have a wonderful weekend
    The Lord bless you Patty
    Karen xxxx

  4. Oh, I do that! I will stop now.

    Love your collage.

    I want that Jesus Calling book. I've been pining for it for a while now.


  5. Wonderful post Patty!! I really enjoyed this. Trusting God is so important, and sometimes really hard- but it is worth all our time!! Great post! : )

  6. Thank you for a beautiful Post. Amen.

  7. Thank you Patty. I really needed this today. I read your blog every day, but do not often leave comments. I want you to know today that your blog blesses me. Thank you for being open and honest.

  8. Oh Patty,
    You have no idea how much this post speaks to my heart! I am the worst when it comes to worry. ( I mean, did you read my email to you?) But seriously, I have lost more sleep than I care to admit! I really need to work on this. My husband calls me "Stew!" Can you guess why? Only when I am expressing my worries though. Usually he calls me Bunny! Never Kris.
    I am so sorry I am not coming tonight. I hope to see you soon. Please give Shelley by apologies.
    XO KRis

  9. Ahhh, yes! A peaceful, healing post! Thanks Patty!

  10. I have that book, also. It was given to me by my best friend - for over 30 years! I love it!


  11. Awesome post, Patty!! I, too, am working on that one...more lately than ever before!! God is faithful and continues to be patient w me as I keep trying! :) BEAUTIFUL card!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    Xoxo Carolyn

  12. Patty ~ Wow ~ have you been inside my head for many years? This is me ~ I keep working at it. Thank you for the blessing. May he help you in your journey to finding day to day living. I know I'm still trying and praying that he will stand by me even when I fall and he DOES~~~!!!

    Have a great weekend. ;-)

  13. Oh how I needed these words for today. I have this devotion and I read it like a religion, but today, I didn't. God used your web to help me to be faithful to my devotional and oh, how I needed these words. Thanks for being a faithful servant. Kathy

  14. Wonderful message of truth and hope no matter whats going on in our lives. I too really needed this today with some serious heart breaking concerns on my mind. Thank you and God bless you.

  15. such freedom...and you are right, old habits die hard...dying to ourselves is hard!

    grace and peace!

  16. My favorite devotional ever. It amazes me how reading it just hits me where I need it everyday. Today's wisdom was not exception. Thanks for a beautiful meaningful post.


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