Monday morning sunshine


At the risk of sounding's hot here again.

I mean

The summer flowers I cut back have all gotten new growth and are ready to bloom.

Fall has once again been postponed due to bad weather.

With the month of October half over, the Halloween decorations cannot be put off any longer.  I cleaned the front porch yesterday and stocked up on enough spider webs and plastic spiders to spookify it just enough for our little trick or treaters.  My favorite four year old assistant has decided spiders and bats are okay but skeletons and scary zombies are not. 

So, decorating the porch is on the agenda for this afternoon.  I'll pretend we are in sweaters and boots instead of shorts and flip flops and wait on mother nature to get the memo and send us some consistently cooler temps before the month is out. 

In the meantime I will live vicariously through those of you who have put away your summer clothes and started raking leaves and drinking hot chocolate.  Would you add a few extra marshmallows for me?

xo, Patty


  1. Oh, Patty! You would actually need a coat here! It's in the 40's! I would love to have your sunshine after all the rain we had over the weekend.

    Have fun spookifying your have a very cute assistant!


  2. That is a great shot of you two. I know we put our outdoor lights up in the heat too. It always seems we are in shorts and sweating when we carve pumpkins too.

  3. Cute picture. I agree with your sweet four year old about the skeletons and zombies. What is this with the zombie everything. Gross. Ahppy decorating. I still haven't gotten out the Halloween things, just fall.

  4. You will need to put on your rain coat here. Yes, the Oregon rains started this weekend. ugh!

    That is the cutest pic of you two. I'm soooo not into zombies, witches, skeletons or skulls. I tend to decorate more harvest then Halloween. A couple of jack o lanterns and that is it!

    Here's to a great new week!

  5. Good morning Patty. I couldn't believe it last night when we got down the mountain and the temperature on the car said 80 degrees at 8:30 at night! Ugh...I knew it had to have been hot at home again! It was delightful up in Big Bear though.
    Hopefully this is the last of the heat!
    XO Kris
    PS Cute pic of you and your little guy!!

  6. Hi Patty - I live in northern IL so it has been nice and cool here. Though I have to admit, I'm a summer lover so I would be very happy if it were hot here right now. :-)

    Have fun decorating your porch. You have a very cute little helper!

  7. I'll send you a bit of my rain and cold! Cute little guy you have to help you! ~ Maureen

  8. Our weather has been up and down here in Michigan. Cold and rainy on Sat. making us bring out our winter coats and scarves. Then yesterday we woke to warmer temps and had our windows and doors open all day...with some rain on and off. But, our leaves are all falling and soon it will be time to shovel. Can't believe I just typed that! Have a lovely day, whatever temp it happens to be!

  9. Our weather here is terrible rain and nearly all the leaves have fallen
    You are so lucky to have nice weather
    Ella xxxx

  10. I Love Love Love reading your blog! You always find something interesting and inspiring to say each time.
    I hope you enjoyed your retreat at Hot Springs. Was this at Murrietta Hot Springs? I was there the last weekend of September with our women's retreat. So much fun, relaxing and reflective.
    Enjoy your week!

  11. Fall is such a fun time with getting ready for Halloween.. Pretty cool here in Iowa.. sun is shining and pretty nice day...Can see nature outside my window changing into fall colors..The squirrels are gathering walnuts and burying them.. Hope they have good memories when the snow is on the ground to be able to find them..Enjoy your blog.. Have a tiggeriffic day~! ta ta for now from Iowa:)

  12. Super sweet pic of you and your little buddy! It is not hot here but mild after a few days of cold weather. I hope we don't have any more HOT days now that I am in the autumn frame of mind :)

  13. I'm sorry to hear that it has gotten hot down there again. My little Conner, Katelyn, and Gwendolyn spent the weekend at Disneyland. I was hoping for cooler weather for them. My Halloween stuff is still packed away. We still have two weeks... Thanks for the reminder that I indeed should get with it. I skipped the fall decorations last year. I do plan to get them out this year.

  14. Patty ~ I would gladly exchange some of my hot chocolate for your nice warm temps. It has been so dampe here in Ontario that my bones will not warm up. I love fall and sweaters and hot chocolate, but one hour in the warm sunshine would make me happy too ~ at least the little tricksters and treaters won't be cold in their costumes ;-)

  15. I feel sorry for you..I'm really enjoying the 60's...

  16. I know what you mean....I finally decorated the porch last weekend but ten minutes into it...I was sweating and was miserable from the heat. I love your assistant.

  17. It's the same here in FL, Patty. We can hardly get into the high 80's. We are going to NC mountains next week...I pray we can feel fall there ;)

  18. Hi Patty! It had gotten really cold in our neck of the woods the first week of october...but last weekend we warmed up to low 70s and it is still mild now...loving it! It is perfect Indian Summer weather before old man winter comes blowing in! I love your little assistant's big smile! He obviously loves his grandma!! :D. I am with him on the spooky stuff...just keeping it with spider webs and spiders!! Hate seeing all the skulls and such anymore on children's clothing, etc!
    Hope it cools down for you soon! I don't think I could handle another dose of the kind of summer we just had this year!

    Xoxo Carolyn

  19. Could you send some of that heat across the pond please? ;-)
    Your little assistant is so precious, and I agree with him - no scary skeltons or zombies!
    Have fun decorating,

  20. What a wonderful picture of you and your grandson. You have a cute little decorating helper. I agree with him on the skeletons and zombies. It's hot here again too. My fall decorating is done such as it is, but I still haven't gotten to my mini garden. Would like to get some fall color planted...after it cools down again. Come back and show some of your decorations. I love your pictures.


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