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I was hoping to get this post out yesterday but this week has turned out to be busier than I thought.  A good kind of busy, but busy none the less, so this post may be heavy on pictures and light on words.  Which just might be a good thing.

First off the space I am now using is the original room that was designated as my craft room when we moved in nearly five years ago.  We had the white carpet replaced with a faux wood floor after a pipe burst shortly after moving in so that if (when) I got paint on the floor the guilt would be minimal.  When my daughter moved out last year I quickly took her larger room upstairs but as the boomerang flies, she is back for a while which prompted my moving to a corner of my grandson's room. All of which you can find here.

So now we are full circle and I am back in the office/laundry closet room which is in all actuality, the best place for my craft studio to be.  (Did I say this was going to be short on words?  Sheesh...)

Okay, now on to the details of my new, old craft space...

I found this old farm table at Goodwill a couple of weeks ago.  It was marked $44.00 but was tagged with the half off color of the week so I scored it for $22.00.  I have wanted one to craft on forever, so this was a major thrill for me!

Metal bin from Home Goods holds vintage sheets.

Thrift store drawers hold inks and letter/number stamps.

These built in bookshelves are filled with all kinds of storage containers and holds the bulk of my crafting supplies.

The large frame has cotton batting as the center and is used as a design wall for quilting.  The smaller one is a piece of foam board covered with canvas and is for pinning inspirational things on.

This red basket is filled with my basic sewing supplies and can be moved to the table as needed.

Threads in a two tiered stand.

Framed artwork from my grandson.

An old serving tray as wall art and a cabinet door turned into a chalkboard.

Another inspiration board.

More bins filled with my paper crafting supplies and scrapbook paper.

So there you have it.  I am truly blessed to have all this at my disposal.  I don't take it for granted for one second and when you add these cute tootsie warmers...I am one lucky girl. 

xo, Patty

edited to add...the cute black and white furball is on loan from my mom while she takes a much deserved vacation with my brother.  You are coming back for her, aren't you mom?


  1. lovely lovely!!!! feast of my eye.. and loads of kisses to those 2 little poochies...

  2. I could spend all of my time in there. I'm not crafty, but I do love a good creaft room! beautiful!

  3. What a truly lovely space, and the two little furry things are the ultimate must-have!
    Enjoy your new creative place,

  4. Oh, my, it's beautiful - and so organized! Love the "Glue" & "More Glue" labels!!!

  5. You have a wonderful creative space! It is just beautiful and the dogs seem to be loving the tranquility of your organized space. You sure inspire me!


  6. What a great bargain. I think some people have a knack for finding terrific bargains at the thrift stores. I never seem to be so lucky. I am thrilled for you.

  7. Patty,
    It turned out great! Great wall color, fabulous fabulous farm table. The wire basket is terrific. The sun streaming through the window is wonderful.
    The white shelving pops!

  8. Looks great. Some day I'll have a room for my crafting supplies...some day...

  9. Love your space and all that's in it! Yes, you are a lucky girl!

  10. It looks so good. Please come help me organize mine. It is a mess and I don't know where to start. Like the footsie warmers.

  11. what a wonderful the table right by the window, so you can look out, dream and create!

  12. What a great space, looks so organized and pretty! The furballs compliment it perfectly! Ann

  13. Patty - What a fun and organized room to work in. I could never get anything done in there - it's too organized!! ha


  14. Hi there, Happy Autumn to you! O.k. so I love your craft table!!!! In fact, if you were close I'd probably come borrow it(just kidding). Actually, I am looking for a table, counter height, for my quilting room to cut fabrics on...found one at Joann's but don't want to pay what they are asking. I hadn't thought of Goodwill before but I'll check them out now. I can run up and downstairs to do it but it would be easier to have one in my sewing room.
    I love all of your other bins etc. as well. O.k. I've probably asked you,is your dog a miniature poodle or Bichon? He/she looks like a Bichon but I bet it is a poodle. Mine in getting groomed as I type. Hope you have a wonderful afternoon creating!

  15. Your spaces makes me heart beat quicker. lol :) I have been without a space for crafting for a long time. My hope is renewed, THANK YOU!!

  16. Everything looks wonderful! You must be so much happier now with your own space! Enjoy!!

  17. I know you'll do lots of wonderful creating there.

  18. Patty-
    Every inch of your new space is beautiful!
    Congrats on having such a charming room to create in!
    Erica :)

  19. Very nicely organized, and so many wonderful details...

    I just LOVE that table and cannot believe you got it for $22!!! God is good!

    My husband is planning on getting a shed set up in the back yard for my daughter and me to work in.

    :) Hope

  20. Patty, what a fabulous space to be creative in! The farm table was an incredible find! I thought mine was too, but boy oh boy, did you get a better deal! I love my table in my sewing room!!! Your entire space is perfect. I would love to spend a sew day together sometime!!
    XO Kris

  21. Wonderful room oozing with goodies to play with and inspiration to pull from!! I love what you've done here. I would love to be an organized as you are...maybe one day!
    Thanks for your visit today and for your thoughtfulness. Wish we could have tea in there together. :)

  22. What a wonderful space to create in!! The doggies look very comfy and happy in there.

  23. Such a beautiful place to work! You are blessed:>)

  24. Wonderful crafty space, Patty! I love how you've organised everything! You will enjoy creating in there so much :)
    Helen x

  25. I love all the light coming through your big window. what a perfect place to sit and create. You did find an incredible bargain with your farm table...and, it has drawer, too. I like the soft blue you have chosen...Our master bedroom is that same peaceful color.
    Thank you for sharing...and, have a happy day.

  26. Patty,
    When I saw the picture of the 2 adorable fur balls at the end of this post I had to leave a comment. I have to adorable little fur balls who look pretty much like yours. Two little toy poodles, one creamy and one party gray and white. They have their little beds in my studio, also. I don't know what I would do without their company. Such little loves.



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