winding down


My walk in the garden this morning was a little bittersweet.  The flowers are loosing their luster and the bushes and shrubs are starting to fade to gold. 

The perennial garden is definitely winding down...

While I know fall is knocking on the door, I've resisted the urge to bring on the mums.  It just seems that what's left blooming in the garden is working so hard to shine.  I kind of wanted to give them their last well deserved, "Hoorah".

How can I rush to the next season when the roses are struggling to keep their heads held high?

While in my mind I've already begun to plan my spring garden, I am still quite content to enjoy the last of what's blooming now. 

One of the blessings of a Southern California garden is that even though it slows down during the fall and winter, it never truly sleeps.

The impatiens and geraniums will keep me going straight through till spring.  Their constant presence like a dear, old friend, always ready with a smile and a bit of nourishment for the soul.

One of the things that continues to invite me into the garden when there are so many other things vying for my attention, is the proof positive that we were created to be drawn to beauty.  Whether it be the beauty of a glorious flower or the beauty of a generous soul. 

I consider myself blessed to be able to plant a seed, give it a little water and watch it grow, knowing full well that I had very little to do with the outcome but have only been given the chance to a part of the process.



  1. I love following along with your gardens progress. Even when it's winding down ~ it's still beautiful. I'm so glad that you share this with us. Thanks.

  2. So pretty even still. I love the fall but oh how I enjoy the summer in Southern California.


  3. How beautiful...well this sun scorched Texan...106 today, so enjoys your garden..thanks for sharing

  4. If only we could all age as gracefully as the flowers.

  5. How beautiful. Not quite ready for the mums here yet either. Too hot for them.

  6. Thanks for taking us along the garden path. I'm definitely not ready for snow in the garden. Susan

  7. Patty
    Your garden looks as good now as mine does in the peak of summer!
    We are most definitely ready for mums here.
    I had to have a fire this morning!
    Can you believe it?
    Blessings friend!

  8. Gorgeous gardens! hope to see you this week at Cottage Flora Thursdays'! xoxo

  9. Actually I find the "declining season" of a garden quite beautiful. A nip is in the air today.

  10. Still looks beautiful, very lovely garden :D
    Karen x


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