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So much for fall around here…After our night of thunder and rain the weather decided to turn up the heat a notch and send summer out with a bang. It seems the only thing the rain brought with it was humidity, which we Southern Californian’s are not used to!

That being said, it did force me indoors for the rest of the long weekend. I cleaned and organized my craft studio and finally took the time to paint my favorite little side table. I found the table at an antique store many years ago. I was actually going to pass on it but my mother in law insisted it would be perfect for the entryway in our previous home. She was right, it was perfect. 

When we moved here to Lemon Lane Cottage it made itself at home on the landing at the base of our stairs.  The before color was part of my turquoise, teal phase. You remember the one my husband was not so fond of?

Dawn over at Creative Cain Cabin used the most beautiful shade of yellow paint (Martha Stewart Cornbread) on an old table she found. I was so smitten with it that I couldn’t resist heading to Home Depot to pick up a can.

Now that it’s painted, it’s found a home in our entry once again and I love it here. Our home was built in the 50’s and really doesn’t have a true entryway.   I was surprised to find that the table fits nicely along the wall behind the front door.

This is one of the spots in our cottage that has been in need of some refreshing.
I just finished up another project for this area and am still deciding on a few simple accessories but I couldn’t resist sharing a sneak peak before I reveal this little corner de-cluttered and all spruced up. Be back to share more soon.



  1. I have a little table just like that, like the new color, very fresh. Thanks for sharing, Laura Cottage and Broome.

  2. The side table turned out perfect. Hope hubby likes the new color. Thanks for mentioning me:)

  3. I love that yellow color. Very mellow and buttery. I am sure it will make hubby happy now.

  4. I adore that colour. Even though I don't have anything to paint right now, I am filing it away on paper for future reference. Table looks great, you have a smart mother-in-law! Lana

  5. Ohhh I love that table and I love the paint color even more.

    SO CUTE!


  6. I agree...the humidity in so cal has been awful...but today it feels like fall!!! I LOVE your blog!!!

  7. The little table looks great! I have a similar one! In my new home, I am just beginning to decorate,first by painting the
    1970's dark,paneled walls. My kitchen is red and white. In the livingroom, maybe I'll use yellow on the walls with some red in the furnishings, like Tina at Cherry Hill Cottage and you did. Pretty and cheery!


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