I remember exactly where I was ten years ago...

What I was doing...the coffee table I sank down onto in disbelief...glued to the TV with a dish towel in my hand, mouth hanging open...trying to come to grips with what was shocked to cry.

Only staring at the images coming through the screen.

No, I haven't forgotten...remembering anew today.  Praying for peace, in this war filled world.


  1. Individual citizens in my country, as well as the Canadian media, remember along with you.

  2. Anniversaries Remind Us How Much We've Forgotten
    "Nine {ten} years ago this very night, going to sleep we didn't see it. The next day we vowed we'd never forget it.
    Until we did.
    That was then. This is now.
    Lesson learned. Lesson forgotten.
    It's a good thing we have anniversaries to remind us of how much we have forgotten.”

    Your World Neil Cavuto


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