Spring craft ideas - creating paper nest pins - a tutorial


Last spring as I was trying to think of something special to give to a few friends for Easter I came up with this sweet Spring craft idea, paper nest pins.  They were such a hit that I thought it would be fun to do a quick tutorial so that you can make some for your friends, too.

The supply list -

  1. Sewing pattern paper. (If you don't have any old patterns around they are easy to find at a thrift store or even at Joann's in the .99 cent pattern section.)
  2. Tan or white thread, floss or string.
  3. Green craft moss
  4. .5" speckled eggs
  5. Pin backs
  6. A glue gun
  7. A small drinking glass or ramekin to use as a circle template (appx. 2.5 - 3 inches in diameter).
Start by flattening out your pattern paper and folding it in half two times.  This should give you eight layers of paper.

Using you glass, draw a circle on top layer of paper and cut out through all eight layers.

Useful tip - It is more manageable if you first cut a square shape around the circle and then cut out the circle (as shown).

With circles stacked neatly, begin folding paper over and under at appx. 1/4 inch intervals creating a fan affect.

Fold fan in half to determine the center.  Tie a piece of thread around the center as tightly as possible. Useful tip - You may need another pair of hands to help with this part.  One pair to hold the string tight and the other to tie the knot.

Carefully begin pulling the layers apart on each side of the string creating a fluffy nest.  Useful tip - The paper is extremely thin and rips easily so don't worry if you accidentally tear one of the layers. Just clean up the torn edge with scissors and move to the next layer.  Trust me know one will notice.

Flatten down the center of your nest.  Now pinch off a small amount of moss, squeeze it into a ball and carefully glue to center.  The glue is hot and it is easy to burn yourself, so use caution.

Hot glue one of your plastic eggs to the center of the moss nest.

Once cooled, turn the nest over and hot glue the pin back to the center back of your nest making sure the pin is unlatched and you keep the closing mechanism free of glue.

And that's it.  Now make a list of everyone who "needs" one of these nests for spring and get to crafting.  Once you make the first one the next one (or ten) go together very quickly, you'll be done in no time.

xo, Patty

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  1. Patty, How cute and clever. I would love to make some with my grandgirls. Blessings, xoxo,Susie


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