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There is nothing I like more than gift giving and if the gift is hand made then all the better.  I am a firm believer that a thoughtful present doesn't have to cost a lot of money to be special.  Taking the time to shop or design a personalized gift let's the receiver know that you think they are worth the time and effort involved in selecting and wrapping something just for them.

Being a visual person half the fun for me is making the present look pretty.  Even a gift card (which I
am never against giving or receiving, wink-wink) can be made special with a little extra effort in the wrapping department.

pretty wrapping ideas

A pretty fabric ribbon, a handmade card, some bakers twine, plain brown craft paper, torn scraps of fabric or even a colorful clothespin can be all it takes to let someone know you care.  I love it when someone says it's too pretty to open.  That means I did my job in making them feel special.

I have gathered a few sweet and simple inspiration photos from my pretty packaging pinterest board to share with you and hopefully getting you thinking outside of the box.

simple Christmas gift wrap: brown paper, stamps, evergreen, bakery twine:

Pretty wrapping.:

brown kraft paper..striped twine..florals..colorful tag:

(via pinterest)

Easter boxes:

(via pinterest)

Cup cake wrappers to top off a little brown bag:

(via pinterest)

Aren't those pretty?  Wouldn't you just love being the lucky girl on the receiving end of one of those pretty packages?

Did you notice the modified egg carton and the cupcake liners?  What about the snipped greenery and fresh flowers?  I'll bet most of what's used here are things that you could find around your house right now.  Are your wheels turning?  I know mine are.

Here I used ordinary glassine bags to wrap the small things individually (because who doesn't like more to open?) and then inexpensive white tissue paper to gather them all together and topped it off with a pretty handmade tag.

I love being able to gather a few simple things, use a little imagination and create a beautiful, thought filled present for those special people in my life.  Of course having all of your things gathered in one organized, pretty location makes gift giving even easier.  I'll be sharing my favorite things to have at the ready in my gift wrap center with you soon.

xo, Patty


  1. I love all these ideas so much! I sometimes think as long as I have cute trims I need never wrap a package in anything but brown or white paper again. I also love glassine bags. I can't get enough of them, what a great idea to use them for gifts!

  2. Patty, these are all so darn cute! It would be fun on a hot summer day to sit and make some cute tags and things to have on hand.

  3. I love all of your ideas. And that cute little zip up bag!!!

  4. Patty,
    Just curious as this made me think of the wonderful things you create. Do you no longer have your Etsy shop?

  5. I love to wrap with fun things!!! Love colored clothes pins a lot!

  6. Patty, What cute ideas. I love the tag with your Lemon Lane name on it. Who would not love receiving such sweet gifts. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  7. Some great ideas, Patty. I love the cupcake papers. I buy cute ones all the time and then don't use them. Your little Lemon Lane Tags are so cute.

  8. Lots of pretty ideas Patty. Thanks for sharing them! I love to put some thought into wrapping too!
    xo Kris

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  10. You are so talented and it carries over to your gift wrapping too!
    Gift wrapping is something I need to improve.
    I guess I am always in a hurry at gift giving time.
    I need to slow down and enjoy the wrapping process!

  11. I also love pretty packaging! My favorite is when a gift is so pretty that you don't want to open it!

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