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By now you all know what a great tool I think pinterest is for jump starting your imagination whether it be for food, entertaining, decorating or fashion.  Just key in a few words and up pops just what you were looking for.

Today I thought it would be fun to show you exactly how I use a pinterest photo and turn it into my own version of a very cute copycat outfit.  Are you with me?

Okay, here's our inspiration photo...

Pretty cute, right?  I originally pinned this because I have a very similar top to the dress pictured and I
knew I could recreate the look fairly easily.  That is probably one of my top criteria for pinning.  Do I have something similar in my closet and does it offer a new option for wearing it?

Since the dress was the inspiration, let's start there and build forward.

1. The dress - I substituted this blouse (similar here) and skinny jeans (here) because I am not a dress wearing girl (but the inspiration one has me rethinking that as I type).

2.  The boots - I actually have a couple of options because I have a little obsession with cute boots.  (similar here and here).

3.  The jewelry - To me this is the key to this boho look, especially the tassel necklace.  I have a few options but I settled on this blue stone one (similar here and here).

4.  The bag - I love the one in the photo and have it on my bucket list of fashion wants but I am shopping my closet so I went with this blue fringe one here (but I found similar to the inspiration photo here and here).

5.  Sweater and scarf - I really like this outfit without these but in case it gets chilly and to show you the option, I pulled out tan scarf from my closet.

As you can see my collection isn't exact but it gives the same feeling as the pinterest photo.  

I love this outfit.  It is perfect for dinner, meetings, church or gathering with friends. 

boho style outfit

Sometimes all it takes is a little inspiration to see what you already have with fresh eyes.  My challenge to you this week is take notice of someone who's outfit appeals to you, either in real life or online and shop your closet.  What do you already own that you never thought of wearing in that way?  Give it a try, it'll be fun.  I promise.

xo, Patty


  1. This is really cute, Patty! Any pretty outfit involving jeans is a win in my book. Pinned. :)

  2. Patty,
    I appreciate these Fashion Friday posts, immensely, dear friend!
    Thank you for continuing with them and for continual inspiration!
    You look lovely in this outfit!

  3. Very cute! I'm not a dress person either, but translating it with jeans works great. I could also see doing the dress version with leggings for a super comfy option.

  4. Very cute outfit! Thanks so much for recommending the skinny curvy jeans from Loft. I ordered a pair based on your recommendation and I love them. Thanks!!

  5. You nailed that!!! Love it. I am a dress person and love wearing dresses but this look is really cute on you!!! xo Diana


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