Easy (and cute) Saint Patrick's Day Dessert - gatherings


St. Patrick's Day is one of those holidays that generally falls during the week and doesn't lend itself to a full scale meal at our house but it's still fun to do a little something to acknowledge the day.  For me that usually involves dessert.

This year I decided to go with a tried and true favorite when celebrating "green" holidays, pistachio

mason jar dessert

I used this recipe here for the pudding and it is so yummy.  The smell, the color and the taste bring back so many childhood memories of big bowls of this dish at potlucks and family celebrations.

Of course because I'm a visual person, I had to up the cute factor and serve them in these little mason jars.

I used the small 8 oz. jars because they are the perfect serving size for half pint sized people.  For the toppers I used cupcake liners tucked under the canning ring.  To keep it simple I put white plastic utensils in a green mason jar nearby.

And since I can never resist paper straws, I decided a mason jar filled with green and white assorted ones would be the perfect way to drink lime flavored kool-aid.  Because you're only a kid once and why not make life fun, right?

What simpler way to celebrate St. Patrick's Day than with a quick and easy dessert.  And having it stacked this way makes a cute display through dinner and gives the grand kids something to look forward to after our meal.

This is such a good reminder that you don't have to make elaborate food to make a holiday fun.  All it takes is a childhood recipe and a little imagination to make the occasion special.  Do you have anything fun planned for St. Paddy's Day at your house, perhaps some yummy corned beef and cabbage?  Or will you keep it simple, too?

xo, Patty

If you're looking for another mason jar dessert idea have a look at this post here where I shared a recipe for banana cupcakes in a nest.


  1. Such a cute display and a yummy salad. Is that Watergate salad? I make it at Easter and yes it is perfect for St. Parick's Day. I don't do much for St Patruck except wear green so I don't get pinched. Lol

  2. Patty that came out so cute. I have to pin this. Would be so cute for Easter too.

  3. What a cute idea, Patty! Although I have a bit of Irish in me on my dad's side, I don't do much more than make sure I've got some green on. I don't want to get pinched ;)


  4. Adorable and I love your profile picture! I've been too busy to be on blogland, but I've missed reading blogs like your Patty! You always have the cute cottage style that really inspired me for spring.


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