what fall feels like


Can you remind me again what fall feels like?  How it smells...the nip in the air...actually looking forward to being in the kitchen making soup and baking pies?

You see we have forgotten here in the Southern California all about the wonders of autumn.

I drove across the San Gabriel Valley into the San Fernando Valley to pick up my grandson yesterday at 3:00 in the afternoon and the thermostat registered as high as 111 degrees.  That my friends is beyond hot...that is just plain make me cry real tears, mean.

So can you lucky people with real seasons tell me what your weekend was like?  And then in February when I am cutting flowers in my garden, I'll tell you all about spring.

I did manage to find these beauties in my otherwise parched back garden.  Just goes to show there is beauty to be found even in the midst of a heatwave, if we look beyond the weeds to find it.

Happy Monday!

xo, Patty


  1. I live In Florida and share your problem but I decorated for Autumn anyway. I am originally from NY and miss it this time of year the most.

  2. There's no way I'm even looking at my fall decor that's packed away in a tote. Why add warm colors to an already hot climate. Still in the hundreds around here as well, but... we do get some relief this week with a cold front flowing through. High eighties.... we'll take it. You still have gorgeous flowers!

  3. Well, our temps are I the 50's right now and were in the 60-75 range for the weekend. I'm baking today, and making chili, and I am going to wish I lived in your area once winter gets here!

  4. Sounds like heaven Kathy. I know every region has it's good and bad but right now your area sounds like the perfect place to be.

  5. Oh, I know you guys have had the heat, and I'm so sorry. Hope it cools down for you this week.

    Around here it's been warmer in the afternoons, but in the mornings it's been nice and brisk... down into the high 40's :)
    Finally, pumpkins have shown up at the markets too .

    Thanks for sharing those beautiful flowers with us!! There really is beauty all around... even if it's different in different parts of the country.


  6. Sorry to hear you're still experiencing such horrendous heat! The temps are just about perfect here in northern IL, though way too cold at night already for me. All too soon it will be winter here and the severe cold and snow will set in...and I will be miserable. That's when I'll be jealous of YOUR weather. Where can we move that has a temperate climate year-round? Maybe Oregon?

  7. Ugh! That's way too hot for ANYTIME of year :(. Sometimes I think I'd love to live in Southern California, but then I think I would truly miss the beautiful autumns here in New England.

    Stay cool. Soon it will get better.

  8. It is just awful! There was a 30 degree difference in temps between here and Big Bear!

  9. One of my favorite things about autumn is adjusting my wardrobe. Here in western NY we woke up to 75 degrees and finished the day at 55. Wish I could send some coolness your way.

  10. Send us some coolness please! A fall wardrobe is a long way off here.

  11. Cutting flowers in February, I can't feel too sorry for you. We've had such a rainy summer here in Virginia, but you can certainly feel fall in the air. Supposed to be 73 next week. Love your rescent makeovers, as well as your blog.

  12. Bless your heart. That is for real mean and I just don't think I could live in that. Our 2 1/2 years in Miami about did me in. Never again if I have a choice. Sadly, we didn't really have a choice when we took that job but it did make us appreciate our move to Indiana that much more. I am forever a seasons girl and I hope fall arrives soon for you!


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