on deadlines and distractions


I am a girl who works best under pressure.  Give me a deadline and I am all over it.  So when I set up my plan to finish a room or two a month through October it sounded very doable.

The kitchen in July...check.
The dining room and main bathroom in August...
The living room and master bedroom in September...
The gardens and outdoor spaces in October...

Ambitious for sure, but not impossible.  Getting the public areas of the house in order and fluffed up by my oldest daughters baby shower in early November seemed like a very real possibility on paper.  And if everything went according to plan the house would be in tip top shape for the holidays.

And then life happened.

So here we are in September and I am still wrapping up the rooms from August.  The dining room would have been done but just as I was ready to snap a few reveal photos I noticed how dingy the dining room table and chairs looked next to everything I had just finished.

I guess you figured out what I'm doing this first week of September...yup, six chairs and one table are all on the painting block.  Time to readjust and tweak that paper schedule once again.

It's all okay though for as much as I like a good deadline, it can never replace the importance of life's distractions.  What good is a pretty house if nobody is happy living in it, right?

Happy Wednesday friends.

xo, Patty


  1. Your kitchen is just beautiful. Those faces are so adorable. Yes, they are more important. You will be so glad that you were there for him. I know life has to be a little crazy for you right now. You are probably appreciated more than you can imagine. Again, love your kitchen.

  2. Funny how those "life" things happen when we've made our own plans, right? ;-) What is that saying...you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans? I guess that's true. Hang in there. Things in the house will get done in due time. You are doing something even more important right now - taking care of your family.

  3. I know what you mean...
    Life happens a lot! We are just getting around to working on our camper after 3 1/2 years of life T-boning our plans!
    ah well, we just pick up where we left off...and trudge onward!
    I'm finding myself reading here more and more.
    I enjoy visiting you. :)

  4. Really living life makes adjusting expectations worthwhile. Family is more important than deadlines.


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