belated birthdays


Where has the week gone?  It took the whir of the gardeners outside to make me realize it is Wednesday afternoon already.  Isn't it funny how we mark time?  The gardeners, trash day, practice, soccer game, church...

Last week I went to dinner with a few girlfriends to celebrate spring birthdays.  Here it is nearly fall and we finally got together to celebrate an event from spring.  We've set a date to get together a number of times but something always came up for one or the other of us and we've had to postpone.

It was so good to sit and visit. (And exchange belated gifts like this strawberry jam from Kris.) Sometimes I forget how much I need my time with friends.  As we sat around the table catching up I was reminded again how lucky and thankful I am to have women to encourage me and make me laugh.  I only hope I am able to give that blessing right back to them.

In decorating news, I finally took pictures of my dining room this morning so I will be back tomorrow to share the finished room.

Enjoy what's left of your day!

xo, Patty


  1. Happy birthday. So glad you had some time with your friends. Your home is so pretty.

  2. A VERY belated Happy Birthday, Patty! I LOVE those curtains/drapes!!!!! Can't wait to see the whole room! xo Diana

  3. Girlfriends sure do hold us up, I'm glad you had fun :>) Yay for photos of the dining room tomorrow!

  4. I absolutely feel the blessing of your friendships! Such a pleasant outing we had! You just beat a little shopping, and then a nice leisurely visit over a meal. I love you ladies!!
    xo Kris

  5. I agree wholeheartedly, spending time with girlfriends is always a blessing - glad you were able to share a meal and celebrate together. I love that tray in your pics too, it's lovely!

  6. Can't wait to see your dining room.


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