bathroom revamp reveal - and then it all came together


Grab a cup of something hot, it's another long one.

Every once in a while you get lucky and while one plan falls away and even better one takes it's place.  And so it was with my tiny main bath revamp.

Our house was built in 1954 and not much real estate was given to our main floor bathroom nor do we have a master bath in our bedroom, so this little bathroom is it for downstairs.

The walls were painted a couple of years ago when a pipe issue caused us to replace the floor and since painting is way down on my list of love to do's, I chose to just clean up, patch up, touch up and go.

I apologize for the lack of before pictures, the demo was a spur of the moment thing and really only consisted of taking down some dated towel bars and a little shelf above the toilet.

I have been collecting things for the revamp for the last couple of months, so that the cost would be minimal, since I've already spent the majority of my decorating budget on the kitchen and the dining room.  Other than a new towel bar, bath mat, towels and a new clock, I shopped my house or made it myself.

I re-purposed the white shelf from the kitchen and hung it over the new towel bar.  I made the "life is beauty full" wooden sign a couple of months ago to use in the bathroom so I placed it on top of the shelf.  I had originally wanted to go a bit more rustic in here but once I placed everything I'd originally gathered for the room on the shelf I was totally uninspired...not that you need much inspiration in the bathroom.

So I removed all the accessories and pouted a while...

Then while I was on the phone moaning to my mom, I happened to glance up and see this large canvas print in the living room.  I threw it up on the shelf, grabbed my vintage ball jars and added the wooden sign and then it all started to come together.

I headed over to Home Goods for a coral towel for a splash of color and spotted this one.  The colors couldn't be more perfect and I love it.  I found the round black clock there as well.  I think it balances out the display beautifully.

I was planning on hanging a collection of mirrors over the toilet but decided that a little color balance was needed on this side of the room so I hung the feather art I finished over the weekend.  (Sorry for the poor quality picture but the lighting is tricky in there.)

I styled and restyled the white shelf and while I love how it looked with the mercury candle holder, it didn't feel like it belonged in the bathroom.  (Thanks for all your IG opinions on the matter.)

So I removed the candle holder and added cotton balls and cotton swabs to the blue jars and I knew I'd finally reached the beauty vs. function I was after.

It feels good to have this room off my to do list.  I still need to repaint the little cabinet above the toilet but all in all this one went pretty quickly.  Let's hope the same goes for the living room.

In other news, my daughter and my grandsons are moving into there own place this weekend so my house will be quiet once again.  Keep reminding me that this is a good thing, won't you?  I'll still be watching them three or four times a week so they will be around plenty.  It's just not quite the same thing as having them sleeping upstairs and coming down noisily every morning...but wait, quiet mornings with my coffee are a good thing, right?  Please keep us in prayer through the transition.

Have a wonderful first weekend of fall!

xo, Patty


  1. What a cute little bathroom. Our oldest just bought her first home. Her main floor bathroom is super tiny, as is her home/bungalow. I am having a very hard time NOT decorating for her, as I am there almost everyday cleaning and painting for her. I want to go all out and decorate. Anyway, your bathroom is very pretty!

  2. You did it and I love it! Isn't it fun when things just fall into place. Love the touch of coral you added. Girl you have a knack with colors!!!

  3. I love all the splashes of that beautiful yellow -- and that towel, along with the picture you created -- beautiful!

  4. you bathroom turned out adorable......and I LOVE the towel, I might just have to head to Homegoods myself today:)

  5. Patty, Patty, Patty, your bathroom is gorgeous . . . you have inspired me with your colors. Our little cottage bungalow has only one bathroom. We thought that this was going to me very hard, after downsizing from two, but it has been just fine. I have decorated it in white and turquoise and I love it, but would like to be able to add a little color for a seasonal twist. I LOVE YOUR COLORS!!! That mix with the orange and yellow beside the turquoise is so bright and cheerful. No one is going to be sitting on your potty without a smile on their face, LOL. So pretty, bright, happy and fresh . . . great job, BRAVO!
    Your blogging sister,
    Connie . . . you have inspired me:)

  6. Your bathroom is so pretty! I love the colors. My house has two bathrooms (one is the master bedroom one) but they are very tiny. It's probably bittersweet with your daughter and grandsons moving out, but at least you will get to babysit during the week! You will still get your grandchildren fix. One of my best friend's daughters, her fiance, and their baby daughter just moved out of her house into their own place and she said her house is so empty and quiet now. Good thing?! Though she really misses seeing her granddaughter every day.

  7. Oh, I think it turned out wonderfully! I think it's a great balance of 'calm and colorful'- and that shelf over your towel rack just looks fantastic!

  8. Patty, I think your bathroom looks great. My house was built in the 50's also..This is the smallest bathroom I have ever had. I have a powder room in the back. I think didn't people want to turn around in the fifties. LOL.. I do like all your bright colors and those touches of yellow pull it together also. Great job young lady. xoxo,Susie

  9. Patty, the bathroom revamp turned out great! That canvas from the living room was exactly what room needed. It was the inspiration piece you needed to finish the creativity in there. It is perfect! I will be sure to go in there and powder my nose next time I am over.
    I will certainly be keeping the kids in my prayers for their new adventure. And for you, that the transition is smooth.

  10. I love it when something comes together. SO pretty.

  11. I love the clock. What a perfect addition.

  12. Such a sweet room! You did a great job with the color choices and shelf accessories.

  13. I love the colors, the art and towel are perfect together! All the colors look great and bring so much interest to the bathroom.


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