just a little slip...


So, you know that supernatural restraint I used with my kitchen revamp?  The one that kept me from over saturating the space with color and pattern...the one that encouraged me to keep it simple?

The one that flew out the window in the dining room redo when I found this fabric for the curtains?

You know, that one...

It may have slipped a little bit while I was strolling the aisles of Cost Plus World Market looking for stemless wine glasses.

It may have allowed these two adorable spice ramekins to jump into my basket along with this pretty blue strainer.  Which caused me to go in search of a little counter balancing color for the other side of the shelf over the stove.  Luckily, I remembered this pretty yellow bowl I already had tucked away at home.

No worries, I reigned it all back in just in the nick of time.  Just a little splash of color to tie the two rooms together was all it took to put that color monster back in the box.

Until of course I start on the living room.

xo, Patty


  1. You are so funny! The color monster! i think that must be me on my outside patio. I love the new look of the kitchen & dinning room. Now you can come do mine!!

  2. You have struck the perfect balance!!! I love it all!!
    xo Kris

  3. LOL- Well, your little "splashes" look perfect to me. Look how beautifully the compliment the fabric for your curtains. I just love your colors. They are just plain FUN! It looks like a cheery place to hang out! xo Diana

  4. Your curtain fabric is gorgeous, Patty.
    I think you did 'good' in keeping your purchases all in check,
    yet finding just the right touches!

  5. I thought of you this morning when I saw the Pioneer Woman (Ree's) blog this morning. She listed her favorite chicken recipies.

  6. I love your colors . . . how can you go wrong with such a cheery mix.
    I say, let it shine!

  7. Thanks Connie. I agree with your statement. I think what we all need to work on is being confident in what our "cheery mix" is!

  8. Color monster? I'm sorry I don't understand the problem....Lol. Your use of color is beautiful and balanced and if you love it and it makes you happy why not? I love color too and I love what you have done in these rooms!

  9. Love that fabric! I'm sure it really brightened up the kitchen!


  10. I have the hardest time ever going to World Market- LOVE that store and their stuff fits my style so well! Evidently yours as, too! Cute finds!

  11. I love World Market - they have the coolest stuff. Love their household goods plus their food and wine selections!

  12. How much damage can two little ramekins create? ... really.
    The fabric is perfect... and color is necessary!

  13. Patty,
    I think you've struck the "perfect" cord of balance in your kitchen, dear friend!!!
    Smidgen & Dash. . .too, too cute!!!
    Your yellow batter bowl (much like my red one) is the perfect accent!!!
    I love how your fabric choice accentuates all you labours of love in your decor!


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