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It's such a fine balancing act I do on this blog.  Wanting to present the best of my life, the pretty, the positive and the happy stuff.

When sometimes reality can be a bit rough around the edges, ugly scars can show up just when you think you have them covered.

If I'm honest this blog can be a bit of a retreat, a place where I can show you the life I'm trying to create.

I never want to make it seem like my life is perfect.  Real people live in this home I'm redecorating and to infer that we don't disagree or even hurt each other would be a lie.

I'm just wondering if it's being phony only showing the part of life I've cleaned up.  Is there a place in this cyber world for a life slightly skewed to the positive?    

xo, Patty


  1. Patty, I've said it before and I'll say it again, my blog is my happy place! I think it's ok to have your own little spot of pretty and happy. We have crazy times in our house too, for sure but that's not what I want to dwell on even though it's real life. We have sick people and crappy things that happen but I'd rather share a pretty jar of flowers. :)

  2. One of the conundrums of blogging is how much to share. We feel a closeness to our blog friends and I can honestly say that I have poured my real heart out to several of them in emails. I see time and time again that most people only want to see the beautiful side of life in blogs. I always feel a little ambivalent about that. There is more to me than the latest room I am decorating, the tablescape I put together for Thanksgiving and the flowers in my garden. I have views and opinions, problems and questions. I guess the only thing I can say is it is safer to edit out some of the frustrating things in our lives, not only because we fear that people don't want to see the negatives, but mostly because it is too easy to post something in a moment of frustration that we might regret airing to the world. I will still come around if you choose to share some of the not so pretty things. I am a person who values real more than superficial, but I still think it best to know where your line is drawn on the information you share, for your own protection. Never forget, this blog is yours, don't let the fear of losing readers steal your authenticity.

    1. Thanks Kathy. I agree. My families privacy comes first for me. If it would make them uncomfortable to read then I'm not going to share it. Besides I think we all know that nobodies life is perfect but that doesn't mean we shouldn't try to create a beautiful one.

    2. Kathy and Patty, I came back here to see how people responded. Just wanted to say that I've said many things about real life in email form too. We are real people, after all. I've seen bloggers say things about family members that to me would be private. In an email though, like Kathy said, it's like talking to a friend.

  3. I think it depends on the purpose of your blog and how authentic you want to be. I think it's like real life in that, you need to be authentic, in order for people to relate to you. On the other hand, there needs to be joy along the way, or others will move on. We all have trials and days when we need to share what's heavy on our heart. But, as believers in Christ, we need to find joy in the every day life, as well. It's important to inspire and encourage and in turn, remind ourselves that life is good, even in the stressful times.
    However, it's also unrealistic to be "up" 100% of the time. And, anyone who gives that perception is not real.

    Bless you today, whatever kind of day you're having :)

  4. I think of you and your blog as a one from the heart. Believe I know bloggers that are so far from the truth. I am probably way too open. It's what you want it to be. I think we all have areas that we don't show or feelings that we don't share. I can't talk about my husband's job or finances . Just be you. I think you are doing just fine.

  5. I really like coming here so , needless to say, I'm happy I found you and your blog.. You seem very genuine and thats becoming a true rarity here in blogland..
    I love being able to read your words and view your photos without having to jump thru the all too often hoops of other blogs.... no click here, click there, bend over and face east just to read and view your latest post..

    with a truly heartfelt THANK YOU

  6. I think a hint to the reality of life is refreshing. If I'm having a not-so-good day, it's comforting to know that everyone has them occasionally, and that life is still good. : )

  7. Patty, I sure hope there is such a place...I will be the first to admit I am far from perfect... and really don't care if my house is. I know I love it clean, and try my best to at least keep it that way. But most days my coffee table is my newspapers , puzzles , books , and mail...you name it. Let us live our lives as we need to. xoxo,Susie

  8. No way!! We all only need to look at our own houses to see reality. We go online for entertainment and to escape. I say show the pretty all the way.

  9. So many good thoughts here.

    I have to agree with the comments of Kathleen Grace.

    I know you'll get it all sorted out in the way that is best for you.
    You are intelligent, and kind, and that shows in your posts .

  10. I think blogging is very personal. The blogs that I follow are a mixed bag...some are only about the pretty things, others show a lot of "ugly" real life stuff, and then others are a mix of both. What you want YOUR blog to be is your choice. You are not being phony if you choose not to air your dirty laundry. I can only speak for myself, but I like my blog to be mostly about the pretty stuff - with a good dose of reality thrown in here and there. Kathleen Grace (above) put it very eloquently. God bless you as you decide what to do with your blog.

  11. Sweet Patty... we know that you are not perfect. None of us are. I think that what you present on your blog is your glass-half-full attitude -- one that I admire, and also try to show on my blog. Thanks always -- for your honest inspiration. xo ~Sally

  12. No one is perfect and I don't believe that anyone thinks that any of us are. I present the better side of life as that is what I want to think.

  13. I think we all want to put our best foot forward! I certainly do!! But we all have a bit of a messy pile here or there, that we shield from view. I too feel that my blog is my " happy place" if you will.
    I always love your posts dear friend!!
    XO Kris

  14. I have heard said that if your life was perfect it would be boring.
    Hmmm, I guess then I wouldn't mind boring for a bit.
    Your post is a reminder that "everybody's got something."
    It is amazing to me that special blog friends often read between the lines and offer support when you least expect it.

  15. I'm fairly new at reading your blog. What I've experienced here a very pleasant breeze in an often stormy world. But I have to agree with the others and Katherine Grace... it's your blog, being authentic and sensitive to your family can be done in a way that brings respect to your and your household. Never worry about losing readers because you share from the heart, the truth or genuine feelings.
    I enjoyed this post.

  16. Blogging can be a balancing act. There is a fine line between being authentic and compromising your family's privacy. Sometimes I wish my husband didn't read my blog ;). When all is said and done, you have to do what your gut tells you to do and what you will feel good about. If you feel like you need to vent, go ahead and write a post and don't hold back, but then don't hit publish. Wait a bit, go back to it, tweak it a bit and then wait some more. You may find that's all you need to do!

    You have a very lovely blog Patty, and thank you so much for visiting and commenting on mine!


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