hello Saturday


Now that the month of the kitchen revamp is behind me I thought I'd take this first Saturday of August (I know, August!!!) to just do nothing.

I can't remember the last time I did that.  I was visiting with a few friends last night and it dawned on me how busy we women are.  Not just the normal running of a household and earning a paycheck stuff but all the other things we take on voluntarily.  I think we are programmed to believe that if we aren't busy we aren't being of value, that somehow our self worth is tied up in how much we can accomplish in any given 24 hours.

That's just not true.

Sometimes in order to be there for all the other stuff that calls on us (either of our own choosing or those things that life hands us) we need to take a day now and then to recharge, to just do nothing.  I bet you need one of those days about now too.

Happy Saturday!



  1. I would love to be "unbusy" with you right there with that plate of yumminess!!! Enjoy!!

  2. I am being lazy this morning before I start cleaning! What are those, little beignets?

  3. I boy do I ever need one... I'm checking my calendar to see when that will be.
    oh. Never!
    ... feeling the skeptic today. :/

  4. Oh, don't I know it!
    I really try to make Sunday's those days . . . but it's also our 'family' day and their idea of rest and fun is SO different than mine!

  5. Patty, I feel that I can not sleep past 7:00 ...I don't know why. I have to make everyday count for something. I will do chores, after I say I am going to rest. Bummer. We need more days off. LOL. xoxo,Susie

  6. Oh gosh, so sorry I couldn't make it last night! I agree totally! We all need to take that time to recharge! I am doing much the same thing today. We decided not to go to the lake, and stay home and relax.
    XO Kris

  7. That must be it! If I'm not busy, I must be lazy, worthless or something like that. I find myself so over booked that a week or two goes by and I cant remember a thing I've done. I NEED to take some time off and shut the brain off from thinking of all the thousand things I need to get done. I have great intention of sitting with a cup of coffee, going to relax and the next thing I know the coffee is cold for I thought of something that needed done This morning will be different!!

  8. I do. Thanks for reminding me that it okay to have one here and there.


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