for the love of bread


I have a problem with carbs.  There I said it.  While I take pictures of these gorgeous red and yellow cherry tomatoes that my friend Elaine gifted me from her garden,  innocently giving you the impression that I snack on these straight from the bowl, what I really munch on absentmindedly are carbohydrates.

I am not picky in my love of the white stuff....cookies, bread, rice,'s all fair game.

I think I've always know it was a weakness but it really hit me square in my ample bumm yesterday as I cut up a fresh loaf of french bread that I impulsively bought hot out of the oven from Albertson's.  (I mean, how can you say no when the bags are still warm and steamy and they're on sale for $1.00).

The bread didn't even make it all the way home before I ripped off a nice hunk for the drive home and now less than 24 hours later the loaf is gone...completely gone.

They say the first step is admitting you have a problem, check.  The next would be not putting them into my mouth.

One step at a time, one step at a time.

xo, Patty


  1. :) I love carbs too. Especially warm bread with butter!

  2. Patty, Myself I would be repeating that first step many times... I love cookies. I made a deal with my granddaughter, that I would eat less cookies if she ate less ice cream. She is 12 and needs to lose about 20 pounds. I feel she is over weight. I told her to just eat less ice cream than before. Just one tablespoon less and she will be surprised. Hope it works. I wish I had a cookie. LOL. I did not buy cookies at the store this last visit. If we as lowly humans could just control our impulses. Honey, I am wishing you great luck. xoxo,Susie

  3. But...bread and those tomatoes are delicious together...sighing with you.

  4. yum, warm bread fresh from the oven. I love carbs too and I'm trying to cut way back. sigh. and double sigh. Best of luck to you!

  5. It's just really hard to pass it up when you walk in the store and they are taking it out of the oven. I have certain foods that are impossible for me to pass by - Oreos to start with. Seriously, I have to just not buy them.

  6. Why are carbs so darn GOOD? I have tried to walk past them, but it just doesn't work. They are the devil!!

  7. Hi Patty, YES, I LOVE carbs too.......but I have to admit....I LOVE garden tomatoes MORE!! I would be eating the tomatoes temps are Best or off the vine! I love! blessings~~~Roxie


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