vintage marketplace - I just want color


Is it just me or does color seem to regaining it's rightful place in decorating?  I loved the soothing feel of neutrals these last few years but sometimes a girl just has to have her a little color.

This was one of my favorite booths of the day.  The turquoise and orange and yellow and red just drew me in.  It is amazing how fresh any piece of furniture can look with a bright coat of paint.

Aren't these wooden signs the coolest thing?  I love the mid century diner lighting that highlights them.  Another project I know I will give a try.  A few scraps of wood, some paint and a drill with a large bit to make the hole for the sockets from a string of lights and you have a customized sign for your back patio or child's room.  Does anyone else need more hours in the day or even one more day in the week to tackle all these projects?

I was happy to see red prominently featured as well.  My sister in law actually purchased the red light fixture in the first photo and hung it on her patio.  I'm glad she did because I know I would have heard her groan that she should have bought it for months, if she hadn't.  I love it (and her)!

I think these cute wooden numbers could be used in so many house numbers or part of a gallery wall, in a kid's room or how about attaching little hooks to make a key holder by the side door?

I have one more days worth of photo's to share tomorrow to wrap things up.  I hope you are feeling inspired to do a little sprucing and feathering around your place.

xo, Patty


  1. Fun fun fun! I love that red light. :)

  2. I for one am happy that color is making a come back, I light whites but come on color is sooo much more fun :-)


  3. This was my favorite post. I have to have color. Wish I could have gone.

  4. I love color! I have learned to tone it down a little though. There was a time when the thought of painting my walls white was unthinkable. I finally learned that a white wall makes the colors pop even more and enables me to switch out colors at will. It keeps it all a little more calm and cohesive too. Love the signs, love the red light! Kudos to your sis for snatching it up :>)

  5. Love all of the bright colors. Thanks for taking us along on this fun trip with you!


  6. My favorite booth too!!!! I bet that light looks great on Shelly's patio!!
    XO Kris

  7. great idea to put the red light out on the patio, I'm going to rethink that one. I've been craving a pop of colour lately, i like the neutrals and agree they are calming but I keep thinking I need some orange in my life!


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