a new sitting area


Stay with me on this, there is a happy ending...

Why is it that whenever I start moving furniture around in the house I always end up with an extra piece or two?  We moved my youngest grandson into his big brother's room last week, in order to make more room for the crib we had to move a side table (big brother was using as a night stand) out.

Of course, when we moved the crib out of my daughter's room we were able to spread her things out a bit which led to moving a small hutch out of her room.

I decided to move the small hutch into my craft studio for additional storage and to use as a printer table, which involved moving out the existing printer stand from my craft room.

The printer stand from my craft room is larger than the bed side table I was using in the master bedroom, and I could use more storage in there, so I decided to move the original bed side table from the master to the front porch which involved moving the little patio table I was using on the porch to the back patio.

Whew!  After all that furniture swapping I am completely happy with where everything ended except I am still left with the original night stand table from my grandson's room (that started all this moving in the first place) without a home.

One of the changes I ended up with was this pretty sitting area on the back patio.  This is the original front porch side table.  I moved it to a shady corner of the back patio and painted it this pretty bahama blue.  I just gave it a good scrubbing and a coat of primer, then I mixed regular craft paint with the primer and a little grout until I got the color I wanted and gave it a couple of coats of paint.  I pulled this old wicker chair from another area and made a bright new pillow for it using outdoor fabric that I found at Joann's.

Of course I left myself with an empty spot where I moved the wicker chair from but I have a concrete bench in my front perennial bed that will fit perfectly.

But then that will leave a hole where I moved the concrete bench from...

xo, Patty


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  2. Your colors just always make me smile! Put the nightstand in a closet or the attic and bring it back out later. You'll need it again one of these days. :)

  3. LOL, a domino effect for sure, but now everything, everywhere has a fresh look! I really like the fabric you used for the chair cushion. I have been seeing it at Joanne's and kind of wishing I had a place to use it :>)

  4. You crack me up! :) That sitting area turned out fantastically. I may need to try your painting method, too!
    I know that moving furniture game SO WELL . . . just finished a long moving session of my own- except I emptied an entire ROOM of furniture so I can refinish and paint that room and turn it into my longed-for art studio! Super excited to finally get to take steps forward on this project, but have just spent two weeks trying to figure out where everything goes in the meantime!

  5. I do the same thing. : ) I call it home shopping. Love the redo, the color is beautiful.

  6. Love that sweet little sitting area. I use craft paint on outdoor things also. :) Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  7. That is SO nice. I love the color - and of course I love white wicker!

  8. That is SO nice. I love the color..Thanks for sharing it..
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  9. Definitely like knocking over a domino! Nice to shake things up every now & again!

  10. Patti,
    How do you do it, dear friend???
    You always seem to know when I'm preparing for a furniture musical chairs of sorts!!!
    I do hope you own a set of furniture sliders. . .saves ones back!!!
    The table that began it all looks amazing with a fresh coat of paint!!!
    Have a great week ahead!!!


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