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I am such a scatter brain...I nearly forgot to publish this post and continue on the blog tour love.

My blogging friend Kathy from Kathy's Cottage was gracious enough to ask me to participate in a little meet and greet blog tour and I am so flattered that she thought of me.  Thank you Kathy, I love your blog and really enjoyed getting to know more about you last week.  If you don't know Kathy, go over and take a look at her beautiful blog.

So now, it's my turn...

1.  What am I working on?  That is such a loaded question for me because I always have way too many irons in the fire.  Creatively, I am doing a little mixed media, some jewelry making and attempting to finish a quilt that I started two years ago.

I haven't really felt much like feathering my nest the last few months but all of the sudden, the urge is there so I have started tinkering with a few changes to make around our little cottage.

2.  How does my work differ from others?  Good question.  I am definitely inspired by other creative people and love taking classes.  The older I've gotten the more I am able to fuse what I love about their work and techniques with my own personal sense of art/style.  I think being diverse in what I create helps to keep things fresh (as does the fact that I tend to get bored making the same thing more than a couple times).

3.  Why do I write/create what I do?  I am not sure what drives me, I only know that when I don't, something is missing.  I have sworn off this little blog more than once but it always calls me back.  The same is true of creating.  When my life has been too busy for me to spend time in my studio I find myself withdrawing from life just a bit.  I get anxious, frustrated and not a whole lot of fun to be around.  I've learned to make it a priority even if (gasp) it means the housework has to wait.

4.  How does your writing/creating process work?  It usually kicks in sometime around 2:00 a.m.  An idea forms and the obsession to bring it to fruition begins.  I am not a very patient person and usually dive in before I know what I'm doing and kind of learn by trial and error.  I am getting better at sketching things out and making notes but I still work pretty quickly once the thought hits.  I have lists of ideas in several different note pads and journals around the house and am never bored or lacking for something to get my hands dirty with.

Thank you again, Kathy.  I am passing this tour along to my blogging turned real life friend Kris from Simplify.  Kris is an amazing wife, mother and grandmother and has a garden that anyone would be envious of.  She does the most beautiful crochet work and quilt making and should have her own cooking show for sure!  Did I mention she keeps chickens and hangs her clothes on the line as well.  I know you will love Kris and her beautiful blog.

xo, Patty


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  2. Neat post. You are so creative need to create and write!

  3. Interesting questions and great answers!!


  4. Thanks for sharing your dear sweet heart...I love your genuine and honest approach you share with others and mostly toward thyself. Does that make sense? Anyway, I'm not the creative writer but all others things that catch my attention is something that I think I should try. But lately, I'm trying to narrow my focus so my attention isn't so difficult to pull back them reins ;o) I hope you have a beautiful day doing what you do best! Love & blessings, Meech

  5. I am really loving the chance to delve a little deeper into what makes my blogging artist friends tick! I agree, if the housework has to wait that is just the sacrifice that must be made for art ;>)

  6. Patty
    Your vignette is so pretty! I enjoyed getting to know a little about how the creative process works for you.
    Have fun with your kitchen re-do too!


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