one little word


I was feeling a little overwhelmed the last few days wondering how I was going to be in two places at one time.  As it turns out I forgot this one little

Sometimes I can forget that there are those out there who love me and mine and are more than happy to step in and be at one of those places for me, if I would just ask.

This time my oldest daughter didn't wait for me to ask, she just showed up in one place so that I could focus on the other.  Awww, I underestimate you sometimes.

Thank you daughter #1 for taking care of daughter #2 so that I could care for grand kids #1 and #3 while she recuperates.  With all my heart...

xo, Patty

*edited to of daughter #2's girlfriends volunteered to come watch grandson #3 so that I could go to bible study this morning after dropping grandson #1 at soccer camp and daughter #1 said she's stop by and clean my kitchen while I'm away.  God is so good.

btw...I am now busy cleaning my kitchen so that my daughter doesn't see it a mess.  Why oh why, are we like that? 


  1. ♥ You clearly did something right. What a sweet daughter.

  2. Patty, It is good to have friends and family that love us. Hope all goes well with your daughter who needs help. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  3. You raised some great daughters! I wonder where they learned to be there. :)

  4. Patty - I know what you mean. We have a granddaughter Tiffany, who takes care of our needs before we ever have to ask. I am so grateful to God for her tender heart and understanding what we need sometimes before we do. She is a precious person and goes out of her way to help others. I am so proud of her.


  5. Oh you sweet have so much going on. I never ask for help but I am sure glad when someone does. So wonderful that you are able to have your daughter and her children in your home right now.

  6. Patty,
    Why are we like that. . .one word. . .love!
    Cute post!!!


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