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I spent the day yesterday with my mom, sister and a good friend at the most incredible vintage marketplace.  There was inspiration everywhere (don't worry, I have tons of pictures to share over the next few days) but this post isn't really about the market.  It's about inspiration and staying focused.

My problem is never about finding things to do or ways to create.  The trouble for me is keeping focused and following through.  I have tried planners and timers and telling myself that I'm not going to start anything new until I've finished something old but nothing seems to work.

My mind is always going and I feel like if I don't do what's bubbling up now, the inspiration or idea will pass and I won't find it again.  So I am throwing this one out to you...

How do you reign in your inspiration?  I would love to hear your suggestions for maintaining focus to my inspired madness.

So, how do you do it?

xo, Patty


  1. I feel like I need to purchase this particular piece. It has my name on it--literally. I want to buy this lovely piece. I have no suggestion for maintaining focus. I think that your exuberant focus is what makes your mixed media pieces come alive. I am afraid if we tame the beast, we may lose something precious.

  2. I wish I had some good tips for you, but there are some neglected and incomplete projects here. There have been many hours in the garden and other things have been put on hold (not that I'm nearly as creative as you, I just aspire to develop some creative skills of my own). I do find that my time is best spent if I decide on one thing that I'll get done, otherwise time gets frittered away thinking about the options! Good Luck to you. Do "drop by" sometime, if you like.


  3. Patty, About the only time I craft any more is when my granddaughters are here. I like that little plaque. I would love to take some crafting classes. or art classes. Blessings, oxo,Susie

  4. Hi Patty! :) I can COMPLETELY relate to your 'problem'- my own creative flow is often a raging river! Something that has helped me a lot is have a drawing notebook that I keep quick sketches and written ideas in. No, it is not pretty, but I find that keeping that one thing simple, undecorated and without 'rules' helps . . . I also use it to test paint colors and do drafts in and even jot down ideas for stories. That way I don't feel like I will loose anything and I trust that if certain ideas were meant to come to fruition, I will be led to tackle it.

  5. Hello Patty.

    I find clipping magazine pages of projects I'd like to do and then posting them on an inspiration board is very helpful.

    Pinning things I love on boards on Pinterest is also a labor of sheer love.

    Then I pick one project and just plunge in a DO it. Susan

  6. Oh Patty...I move in "spurts"....and have learned to try to harness inspiration when it taps on my shoulder. I also have tried to be patient with myself when there are lapses...or quieter periods. Both feed my soul, both are necessary. Hard to put that on a calendar or a to do list. I find that trying to keep balance is really hard work.

  7. Well, first, if you saw my house you wouldn't think I EVER focused but I do have that problem. I'm retired and I love it as I have finally been allowed to slow down and enjoy each moment/task and go at my own pace which now a days is more like a slug. I love it though and I do write a list every day still. I take Saturdays and Sunday's off and don't do any household tasks really. When you're home every day it's easy to turn it into a full-time job as there is always something to do.
    Pinterest has been so great for me as I can save everything online without hoarding books and magazines. Also, I have a secret Pinterest board of about 5 pins per week for that week that I want to accomplish and they can be from any of my, cleaning, crochet, decorating you name it. I also make a list every day but I only "*" 3 items to be my top priorities for that day. When you can only choose 3 you become discriminating as to what is REALLY most important that day. There was an old story about fitting big rocks, small stones and sand into a jar. Do your big rocks first because you'll always find room to fit in the smaller stones and sand later. So, I try very hard to do my least favorite or most time consuming or important 3 "big rocks" first, then I can always fit in the smaller tasks even after I may be a bit tired. The one thing I do is take breaks and I always have some knitting or crochet to pick up for a 10 minute break and that satisfies my "creative" side for that moment until I can dedicate some "hours" to it. I also find that planning and organizing for future projects helps to make me want to finish what I'm working on at the present dangling a carrot. I'm going to try and only have one project going in each area at a time....such as painting, quilting, crocheting, major cleaning, etc....we'll see how that goes! LOL! Plus, weekends are days to do whatever I want in case I didn't get to it during the week. I hope this helps. I'm also on a budget and so repurposing has become an important part of my regime. Keep a journal and write it all down so you don't "lose" the inspiration and kept a pad and pen by your bed.....once it's down on paper you'll feel better about not "losing it". I'm just another "crafter" trying to kept my chaos under control! LOL! Good luck and let me know how it goes. Maybe we could be a support group for each other.

  8. I'm not sure you should reign it in Patty. I have the same problem, I do keep a notebook so I can go back if I need to for inspiration, but I seldom go back through it. I have found that the projects I complete are the ones I have the most passion for. If I start something and lose interest, well, maybe it just wasn't as good an idea as I initially thought. Not everything gets finished, some things get finished later when I work out subconsciously what was keeping me from finishing them. It looks tome like you finish a lot of beautiful things. We aren't machines, and that is the beauty of being an artist. We are moved in mysterious ways. Why fight it?

  9. I try not to think too far ahead - what do I want to accomplish this week? It directs your thoughts nicely :-)


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