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I took so many pictures of our little excursion to The Vintage Marketplace in Rainbow, California last Friday that I decided I would break them up into mini themes so that I don't overwhelm you with pretty pictures all at once.

I know I always come away from these kind of events feeling overwhelmed and inspired but not quite sure what to do with all that new found inspiration.  I thought it would be fun to share with you what I'm thinking when I see these photos, and hear back from you what your thoughts are.  How would you use this idea or technique in your home or business?  Sound fun?  Okay, here goes...

We all loved these embellished burlap totes.  How fun and simple would it be to embellish a tote you already have with a doily, flower and some lace.  I think I would assemble the cluster together first with a hot glue gun and then attach it to one of those brooch backs you buy at Michaels using a little piece of felt underneath to clean it all up.  I saw cute totes in the dollar bin at Target yesterday for $3.00, (I know kind of an oxymoron...$3.00 in the dollar bin) that would look adorable.  I make canvas totes that I could add something like this to as well. 

Who doesn't love these cute strippy banners?  What another simple (albeit time consuming) project this would be.  Just use your rotary cutter to cut one inch strips of burlap, tear one inch strips of muslin and then just start tying the fabric in knots to a string.  How cute would they be tied onto the open space of some Christmas tree lights and hung from trees, your patio covering or even an umbrella for an evening party or shower?  Heck, even for a festive look for you and your family to enjoy while you BBQ!  

I have never warmed up to the idea of a burlap pillow because while I love the look, the texture doesn't make me want to snuggle in.  But burlap on a table as a runner or table cloth?  I love it.  If you wash your burlap ahead of time it will soften up some.  I really like the addition of the wide ruffle of muslin, I think it softens up the look in a romantic but not overly frilly sort of way.  I've had a burlap runner on my side board for a while now and I'm still not tired of the look.


My latest lure in my craft studio is jewelry making.  (Another post for a later day.)  So when I saw the way they used burlap to display jewelry, my creative mind went into overdrive.  Isn't that covered rolling pin just so stinking cute?  It would be great to display your jewelry in the bedroom but what else could you display on it?  What about hanging your decorative measuring spoons from it in the kitchen or your keys by the front door? 

Okay, that's my take, now it's your turn?  Any ideas?

xo, Patty


  1. oh that has been my weakness now at my age I have to look and not buy. I could be a pack rat at 72.

    Last move where I am now. My friend had to decided for me to trash or keep. After a day. I held on to some things. She said Carol your never going to move if you keep things. She was right. Also you know that saying. Some others stuff is our treasures. So I like what you are showing. Awesome!

  2. Lots of pretty inspiration here Patty. That rolling pin is adorable! I have not worked with burlap a lot, but I love the look of it. It can be a little tricky to work with.
    Love the strippy banners too!!
    XO Kris

  3. Burlap is just seen everywhere anymore! I'm like you and don't think I'd like pillows but a lot of people do.


  4. Look at all that burlap! I really love the tote bag idea. We enjoy going to weekend events like that. You never know what you will see...or eat while you are there. :)

  5. I really like the strips of ribbons, cloth banners. There were lots of things to look at and want.LOL Aren't you impressed with the talents of people at fairs.? Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  6. I love your ideas...I am fresh out this moment! lol Those cloth banners are so cute, too. I have to laugh at the Target $1. bins and now you pick the stuff up and half of it is $3. lol xo Diana

  7. Who knew burlap could be so versatile . . .

  8. What a fun trip. Reminds me of the Country Living Fair held in Atlanta. Lots of vintage goodness!

  9. Patty,
    In the Midwest we are all using tote bags to go to the Grocergy Stores among other places
    instead of paper or plastic. . .those totes are adorable!!! Could see these being used at the library!!!
    LOVE the jewelry being featured on burlap jewelry busts!!!
    Working with burlap has to be one of the toughest mediums to accomplish.
    Not a fan of the odor that comes from this fabric. Just sayin'!!!
    Loved the invitation to atend the affair with you today,! Thank you, dear friend!!!

  10. I love the burlap totes, wonder if you can buy them cheap somewhere to embellish? I also like the ruffled tablecloth. I have to admit the smell of burlap does not appeal to me, a pillow? Never. But most of these things could also be made using whatever fabric appeals to someone, perhaps swap the burlap for linen or Onasburg which has the texture and color but not the scratchiness or smell?


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