summer mantel


The Monday after a holiday is always kind of welcome for me.  After the hustle and bustle of family, returning to a normal daily rhythm is nice.

I finally changed out a few things on the mantel for summer.  I brought back my favorite yellow bee pitcher and added a patriotic mixed media block.

The cutting garden is producing pretty blooms of cosmos, daisies and zinnias so I added a small bouquet to this little white vase.

I'm getting the itch to remove everything from the wall above the mantel. give it all a fresh coat of white paint and do something totally different.  I have been talking about going back to white walls for quite a while but that would involve me pulling out the paint and a roller and I'm just not there yet.

While I love getting paint on my hands for art, the thought of taking things down, prepping walls, covering stuff up and actually painting walls is really far down on my list of what to do with a Saturday.

The itch is there, I can feel it...not quite yet...but soon.  I hear some people really love to paint, are you one of them? 

xo, Patty


  1. Nope, I don't love to paint, but I do love the results. So when the itch is itchy enough, I'll do it. Love that bee pitcher.

  2. Hi!
    I am visiting you from Kathy's Cottage. I really don't mind painting walls. I really do not like painting ceilings! I love your bee pitcher.

  3. Love it! The colors are wonderful and the layers of pretty things.

  4. Beautiful! That floral painting is beautiful, as is your mixed media block, nice spots of color! I used to love to paint, I'm loving it less, but when I get the itch I always have to scratch it, so I paint anyways :>)

  5. I am really wanting to paint all my walls a nice warm white, but, OH, the choices in white paint! However will you choose which white paint to use?

  6. so welcoming... i love the mantle...

  7. Your mantel looks all the fresh colors.
    I'm here from Kathy's Cottage...:)

  8. Your summer mantle is so pretty. I don't blame you for not wanting to paint just yet - there's so much prep work! And heck no, I don't like to paint. I let my hubby do it. ;-)


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