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First off , thank you all for the positive comments on my birthday post.  Sometimes when you put yourself out there you wonder if anyone else will "get you" or not.  Secondly, thank you for all the birthday wishes.  I plan on responding to you all personally this week as it should be a less busy one.

I have started gathering things for my two year blogging anniversary give away.  My plan is to have it all together and ready to post by the end of the week, but you all know how that goes.  We will see...but I promise to make it worth it.

Last month I had the joy of participating in a Spring Covert Robin Swap with a group of talented sewing ladies.  I love swaps, don't you.  It is so much fun putting together little bits and bobs of this and that, wrapping them up pretty and shipping them off hoping you have blessed the recipient of your little bundle.

Then of course, the waiting begins for your little bit of happy mail.  I was lucky enough to receive mine from Lisa over at in the boondocks.

Just look at this pretty and practical booty that came my way.  The cute red and blue fabric is a set of potholders...clever, huh and the large floral in the back is a cute carry all bag.  I love it all.  She obviously did her homework in stalking me and knows I love color.  Way cute, isn't it.

I am still in the process of photographing and adding things to my little etsy shop.  Along with a few vintage pillow slips and spring banners, I will have a couple of these little pincushions since I couldn't stop with making just one.

I guess I've rambled long enough for today.  I hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend and I'll talk to you all on Monday.

xo, Patty


  1. You did do well it's all so pretty and useable. Have a nice day and glad you had a nice birthday.xx

  2. Pretty gifts and pincushion, I love color too.

  3. I love swaps, too, and you were gifted with so many handmade pretties. There is so much creativity out in Blogland! Love your pincushion, too!


  4. I love all the bright and cheery colors!!! Love the pincushion!!

  5. What fun swaps! I have never done one but I love seeing what everyone gets and sends- xo Diana

  6. All in your colors. I love it. Can't wait to give you your gift. You are gonna love it!!

  7. Sounds like fun! Hope your birthday was a great one!

  8. Oh my, I missed your birthday!! I really enjoyed your birthday post. I think we all wonder if someone out there in blogland get the real us!!

    What wonder goodies you have gathered. Love all the colors! Here's to a great day!!! Hugs!

  9. You're so creative! Happy belated Birthday! :)

  10. Everything you madeis just adorable! Love the pincushion and the tags are so pretty:>) Your package is fun and pretty too. Swaps are such fun!

  11. Hi Patty,

    Looks like you had a wonderful shop and such a cute pincushion.


  12. We do seem to like the same kind of fun and crafts.Everything looked wonderful. Denise


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