ice cream on the island


On Friday my mom, my youngest daughter, my grandson and I, made the two hour drive down to San Diego to visit my oldest daughter and her little family.  The skies were gloomy and threatening when we headed out the door to pick up my mom and we even considered rescheduling, but knowing how hard it was to arrange this visit (trying to figure days off and spring breaks and such) we decided we would adjust our outing to the weather when we got there.

I am so glad we went.  The cloudy skies gave way to a picture perfect weather day.

One of my favorite places to go in San Diego is Coronado Island.  It is only a short drive over the bridge but it feels like a far away vacation destination.  I could spend the entire day driving around looking at the adorable cottages and gardens that line the neighborhoods but with little ones in tow I settled for a few wrong turns and some quick phone pictures out the car window.

We had a fun picnic at the park and the grand kids got to explore the rocky shoreline.  We found some sort of animal paw print in the wet sand and imagined it to be a wolf on the prowl.  The kids had fun following the tracks, as they hunted down the wild animal.

Our next stop was the famous Hotel Del Coronado.  My daughter told the kids the story of the haunting of the hotel by a young woman who went in and never came out.  Needless to say, it was the topic of conversation for quite some time.  Plus, we had a couple of spectacular fly overs by jets in formation which thrilled my grandson to no end.

We finished the day with delicious ice cream cones that were devoured with much enthusiasm, which is just as ice cream should be eaten. 

We joked when we retrieved the car from the parking lot that our little stop for ice cream cost $50.00!  Our tiny single scoop cones where $35.00 for the six of us (thanks again, mom) and the parking was another $15.00.   A little too rich for my everyday blood but definitely the cherry on the top of a heartwarming day.

So what about you?  Any wolf hunting or jet watching or ice cream eating time in your weekend?

xo, Patty


  1. The trip to the island and to get ice cream was money and time well spent. I haven't been to this island but have often heard about it; I hear artists have art shows there.

  2. Sounds like you had the perfect day! Have a great week, Laura

  3. I would love to go to San Diego and Coronado Island some time. I hear it is really beautiful there. It looks like you had a fun time and your grandkids are so sweet. I think I would have had to pass on that expensive ice cream treat! Wow. That's crazy. Pamela

  4. We were just there about a month ago and loved it! Looks like your grandkids had a wonderful time. :) We had breakfast at the was yummo. :)

  5. My daughter and I went to my nieces wedding in SD and a bunch of us drove out to the Island for a picnic. It is beautiful. I hope someday to go back. Your day looks and sounds like it was wonderful.

  6. Wow, California is expensive. We went camping over the weekend.

    1. The hotel is for the rich and famous...not all of California has 6.00 ice cream cones! It was fun to indulge for the day, though. Camping with the grands would have been just as fun.

  7. Sounds like a fun day! Those kids are precious!


  8. Those kids look like they had so much fun and I am sure you did, too. Pretty pricey cones there at the end though! I had a working weekend and I am beat today- xo Diana

  9. I absolutely love Coronado. I just moved last year from San Diego back to the east coast and I miss being able to visit the Hotel del and the lovely beach there.

  10. Wow, did I love your pictures but they sure made me home sick for San Diego. We lived in East county of San Diego for 21 yrs. then finally moved away in '94 to 20 acres in MT on Canyon Ferry Lake. That was such a hard sacrifice, lol. Wish we'd never left MT. We moved to KY after MT and now we live in western CO a few miles west of Grand Junction. It's ok but it's sure not San Diego or MT. My oldest son moved back from KY to San Diego (east county El Cajon) about 3 yrs. ago now. He's so happy as he's back with all his friends from growing up in Santee. If we could we'd move back to San Diego also. Boy do I miss it after seeing all your excellent photos. Hubs says we're too old to move anymore. Happy Week Glad you had a nice visit

  11. What a beautiful, fun day you had! I love fact, me, the hubs, and son are planning a vacation in June and we might just visit Cali again. It's been a few years for all of us. Wish we could afford to live there!

  12. Shamefully I live in East County of San Diego and I haven't visited Coronado in a few years and I'm only 20 minutes away. Thank you for posting. Road trip!


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