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I am just popping in with a quick survey of my blog readers regarding a little shin dig my good friend Elaine from Sunny Simple Life is considering.  If you know Elaine, you know that she loves her beautiful family, her adorable home and garden and her little flock of chickens. 

We met through blogging a couple of years ago and discovered that we live within a couple of miles of each other (I know small world, huh).  She is the real deal.  What you see and read is who she really is and I have truly been blessed by her friendship.

She approached me last month about co-hosting an afternoon of Chickens 101 in her backyard.  She lives on an average size suburban lot but has managed to to incorporate an adorable chicken run and coop as well as plenty of fruit trees and vegetable beds into her landscape all the while keeping a family friendly, pretty yard to hang out in.

Here's my question...If you are local to the Southern California area, would you be interested in an event like this?  The morning would include a Q & A with Elaine plus a tour of her gardens, a simple brunch and a craft taught by me.

She is going to pose the same question to her readers and we will decide at that point whether there is enough interest in the event to move forward.

I have toyed with the idea of backyard chickens for a few years now but have yet to take the leap.  Who knows if something like this will make me jump in with both feet.  Don't tell my husband or he might hide my car keys!

Leave me a yay or nay comment with your thoughts.

xo, Patty

(These pretty raised bed planters are from the grounds of the Hotel Del Coronado.  Be still my heart, I love them so!)


  1. Even though we can't have chickens here I think it would be fun to attend if I lived closer-just for meeting the great people- xo Diana

  2. i wish i lived in CA. can you vlog it? ( :

  3. I would come if I lived closer! I've been wanting a chicken for ever! But Babe looks at me like I'm crazy and well you know the rest! Great Idea! I'm sure you'll have a lot of interest! Should be a fun time!

  4. Well, I'm way too far away. But if I was close, I'd sure go for it.

  5. If only I lived closer! I would love to attend something like this. It sounds like it would be a wonderful experience. Good luck with it!

    Danielle : )

  6. I think it is a great idea! I would love to attend, if possible too.
    GO for it!

  7. I was just on Elaine's blog. I'm one if her sponsors and I live in San Diego. Sounds like a wonderful time! Now off to check out your blog .

  8. Good luck in whatever you chose to do...
    What a great post that would make!

    Linda :o)

  9. How fun that would be. Too bad I'm nowhere near there! Across the country as a matter of fact- but I wish you all great success!

  10. Too bad I am not local...not even close! That sounds like a wonderful afternoon.


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