kindness and a little more Christmas cheer


Happy Saturday!  I am busy today with the final preparations for my "Artful Afternoon" get together this Monday. I wish I could share more but I want the whole thing to be a surprise to my five special guests.

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I promise to take plenty of pictures and tell you all about next week.

My quiet time this morning found me in the tiny book of Philemon reading about kindness and grace.  It got me thinking about the little acts of kindness that people show me everyday and how much it influences my attitude toward life. 

Then I started wondering if I do the same for others? 

It made me see fresh again that all the pretty decorations in the world cannot provide the real Christmas cheer that others need without kindness attached. 

Pretty stuff gets put back into a box after the season is over but kind words and actions get tucked into our hearts forever.

"Your love has given me much joy and comfort, my brother, for your kindness has often refreshed the hearts of God's people."  Philemon 1:7

Have a wonderful refreshing day!

xo, Patty


  1. Good reminder - it doesn't cost anything to be kind to people :-)

  2. Thanks for such an uplifting post on this gray Saturday! You are right - even one small act of kindness (a smile at a stranger, being patient with a store cashier this time of year when everyone is rushing and grumpy and complaining about long lines) - can make someone's day.

  3. Beautiful! Love that verse and yes! You do show kindness! I know this first hand! You have been such a blessing to me!

  4. Patty you hit the nail on the head! If we spent half the time and effort finding ways to share love and kindness with others, that we put into decorating and some of our hobbies,this world would be an amazing place:>) It's always good to be reminded of what is real and lasting and worthy of our attention in thislife. Thank you!

  5. Patty- That is so true! This is just a bright, positive post. I try to be even kinder this time of year- xo Diana

  6. Patty,
    Each time I open your blog, I am refreshed with your gentle Spirit!
    You are a continuing blessing in my life, dear friend!
    We just finished our Progressive Christmas go and enJOY yours!!!
    I'll be back to savor the memories with you, dear friend!

  7. What delightful Christmas decorations. How precious that you have your aunt's painting to enjoy each time you walk by. Thank you for your post!

  8. So much truth to your thoughts for today. I always reminded my children to show a bit of kindness...a smile, a kind word, a bit of patience, courtesy, etc, to the person who crosses your path that day as you may never know what he/she may be going through. Thank you for sharing this wonderful reminder in God's Word.
    Looking forward to hearing more about your Artful Afternoon. I'm sure you guys are going to have great fun!

  9. What a beautiful post and so true too.. Are those all your decorations? they're gorgeous..


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