Christmas preparations


How are your Christmas preparations coming along?  My house is decorated and my shopping is done so I thought I'd take advantage of the rainy day and spent the day finishing up some wrapping.

I started a fire in the fireplace, lit my favorite peppermint candle, brewed a cup of cinnamon apple tea, put on my Christmas Classics CD and just really enjoyed the whole process.

This is the first Christmas where I don't work a full time job outside the home so I am really enjoying the slower pace.  I'm usually a last minute Christmas Eve wrapper so this is a whole new experience for me and I'm loving it.

What about you?  How are your preparations coming along?

xo, Patty


  1. oh, that scent sounds wonderful. yummy. the preparations are coming along ... got to look at the schedule & figure out my baking ... lots to do ... baking & cooking ... love it.

    hey you could use Christmas bags instead of wrapping ... in you can do awesome tissue paper. i enjoy that as well. this year i'm really going out ... wrapping & using bags too. i love decorating everything. fun, fun, fun!! enjoy your weekend. ( :

  2. oops ... sometimes i wonder if i am totally asleep ... meant ... "then you can use awesome tissue paper." nuts ... breakfast here i come. ha. ha!! a need for some coffee this AM!! ha. ha!! ( :

  3. Sounds like a wonderfully, cozy day around your cottage :)

    I'm so happy for you, that you are able to enjoy this season to it's fullest.

    Warm wishes..

  4. Patty,

    I started early this year and I am loving it. Our home is decorated and the shopping completed. Everything is wrapped and I have my dinner all planned. This is so nice....first time in years that I have allowed myself plenty of time to just enjoy.

    So glad you are enjoying your time. Love the candle inside the small hurricane. Too cute!


  5. I am so far behind and don't know how it happened. I started early and then gone was the time! I would love to be sipping a cup of tea but instead I'm worrying if I will get my shopping finished in time. Of course I have crammed so many activities into this coming weekend I left no time for shopping. Oh my, typing this really makes me realize how little time I have. So I'm envying your slower relaxed pace!!!

  6. I bet that candle smells soooo yummy!!! Wish I was curled up there reading!! =) Blessings to you!!!

    Breahn =)

  7. It is a nice feeling to have it all wrapped up. Congrats on being done.

  8. The house is all decorated and ready for Christmas only because I had Bunco at my house this week, which is always so much fun with old friends. But as far as buying gifts and wrapping are concerned I am so behind. Gifts for people overseas are done, but still need to buy quite a bit! Every year I say I will start early and not be wrapping on Christmas Eve, but every year I seem to fall short of my goal.
    Have a great and relaxing weekend Patty. x

  9. Good morning Patty. I too am all caught up. I have wrapped as I have brought things home, so it has helped me stay ahead of the game, and saved me from the aching back!!! I only have a couple gift cards to purchase and a few stocking stuffers, and I am done, leaving the week before Christmas for some baking.
    Miss you,

  10. I'm with you...truly enjoying the preparations and all the wonderful tastes and scents of the season. So grateful for it all. Blessings!

  11. Done..except for the bows..Have to do them at the last minute or Max (cat) will get them..I don't have that much to do any more..

  12. It's my first year home without working full time,too, Patty. I love it-but we have all been sick so I don't have as much done as I thought- PLUS my ovens have not been working so I don't have ANY baking done- xo Diana

  13. Patty,
    I, too, am a stay ~at~home (this yea)r person...I'm lovin' the TIME to enJOY the process! Savoring the Season is wonderful, dear friend!!! Love your red plaid bow tied to the candle!!!

  14. Patty, that just sounds wonderful to me. I am working up until the 21 St. I am so far behind on everything. I am usually prepared and relaxing like you! Enjoy!! Love peppermint. I need some candles like that!!!

  15. Hi Patty,

    Your rainy day sounds sunny to me! So glad that you can take your time and relax and truly indulge in all the goodies that the season has to offer. Your pretty armchair and stool of stacked books look very inviting. Enjoy!



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