a joyful display


Good morning.  It has been such a busy few weeks but thankfully, things are finally slowing down a bit.  I am so excited to start sharing the little nooks and crannies of my Christmas cottage with you and to pour a cup of tea and start visiting all of yours.

This little vignette on top of my bookcase has special significance because of the family ties that surround it.  When my mom was packing up her house to move this past summer she had this oil painting tucked in a pile in her garage.  It was one my late aunt painted years ago.  (I am blessed to come from an artistic family.)

In it's humble surroundings I didn't think much of it and was honestly just going to try and salvage the frame but once I got it home and cleaned it up a bit, it's beauty and significance as a family heirloom shone through.

The little deer box is the craft I made with my mom and sister when I went to Houston in October.  We had so much fun crafting together.  I have to confess that the deer were not part of the original vignette.  The centerpiece was actually a sculpted clay head that even I couldn't call quirky art, so I placed it inside the box instead of on top of it hoping it would magically get cuter with age.

When it came time to display the box, I placed it on the bookcase with out anything under the trees.  I started digging through my stash and found these deer and tiny sleigh.  Seeing how perfectly they go together with the painting, now I can pretend that it was always meant to be this way.  Ha! Ha!

This Santa is my favorite and the only one of quite a large collection that I still display every year.  My husband and I saw it at an antique shop when we were first married but it really wasn't in the budget. Without me knowing he went back to that little shop and bought him for me.  He is a sweet reminder of a husband's thoughtfulness now nearly 30 years later.

Seeing bits of Christmas in the house brings me such joy...especially when they bring to mind such wonderful memories. 

More to share tomorrow...have a wonderful Thursday.

xo, Patty


  1. Love it all.....
    The painting is beautiful, so glad you decided to keep it.....
    And your craft box turned out sweet ;)


  2. Patty, it is so pretty! I love the painting! What a lucky lady to have it in your home now. Can't wait to see more!!
    xo Kris

  3. Patty. what a special display..your aunt's painting, the gift from your husband, and a craft you made with your mother. So sweet. xo,Susie

  4. Patty, everything looks so pretty. I love your special Santa. :)

  5. i wonder if i can shrink myself to that size & take a ride with santa & the reindeer in that sleigh. so neat!! great christmas decor. fun, fun, fun!! ( :

  6. Lots of lovely Christmas memories there Patty.

  7. It is all just stunning. I especially love the vignette on the hat box. What a great, whimsical display:)

  8. What a lovely piece! I loved it immediately! Great job. How fun to craft with mom and sister. That's something I've never done. ♥

  9. I love your vignette and the painting is really a great piece of art.

  10. When I was 14 I found two paintings in our shed, they belonged to my great grandma, I hung them in my bedroom for years and now in my loungeroom, I am very fond of them, Your santa is a beauty.

  11. I love that box. I cannot believe it made it home undamaged.

  12. so pretty!!!! I love that cute sledge!!!

  13. Just so lovely, Patty! I love the red and that beautiful Santa.

    Hugs, Barb

  14. Everything is lovely! I too display treasures from my past. Every year when I unwrap and put them up....I'm flooded with memories. ~Amy

  15. Patty,
    This heirloom painting is the perfect backdrop to your Santa's vignette!!!
    Thanks for stopping by today with your sweet commentand visit.
    You, dear friend, brighten my day!!!

  16. I love how the little deer on your box fit right in with the deer in the painting! And that vintage Santa Claus is beautiful. How sweet of your husband to secretly buy it for you. :-)

  17. How lovely to have your aunt's painting! It's quite good and now I just know you think of her whenever you see it:>) Everything looks so fun and cheery. I'm just now sitting down with a cuppa to see what everyone has done for Christmas. I finally had a chance to start my own Christmas decorating today!

  18. Hello Patty!

    You got some sweetness going on over at your cottage! Love this Christmas display! It was wonderful seeing you and Shelley this past weekend! Wan't it a fun day even with the rain?!

    Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!

  19. Looks wonderful, ~~ but of course! Someday you'll have to share how you made those trees. I think they're awfully cute with their little red ornaments.

  20. It looks great...and what a family treasure, you have highlighted it well
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  21. My dear Patty, Love this- thanks for sharing :) Such a family treasure, that painting -wow! And those deer - they look a little familiar ... back in the 1970s, my Aunt Bobbi, who lived in Brooklyn, had a fake potted plant on top of her kitchen table - with a deer in it, which as a child growing up always fascinated me - what was a deer doing in Flatbush, after all?! ;)

  22. How blessed you are to have your aunt's painting. Your vignette looks lovely and I think your little deer and sleigh fit in perfectly.


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