faith walk friday #8


We celebrated my dad's 80th birthday a couple of weekends ago.  Most certainly an achievement for anyone but especially so for my dad who has struggled with serious health issues for the better part of 40 years.  The theme was Gunsmoke since my dad is a lover of old westerns and the attire was cowboy hats and cowboy boots.

I love this picture of my folks, the playfulness they still have with each other after nearly 60 years of marriage.  You can tell that they love life.  I especially love their hands...those are the hands of people who have really lived.  Hands that have known ups and downs...sickness and health...deep heartache and great joy.  Hands that have persevered no matter what life has thrown at them.

What does this have to do with my faith walk you ask?

So much...

Seeing my parents walk out their faith....setting aside their own dreams to care for their five children and now for each other has taught me so much about how selflessness and sacrifice offers its own reward.  How providing a loving home outlasts any outside achievement.  How being there for your children is so much more important than climbing the corporate ladder.

It reminded me that my faith walk is influencing my children and their children's faith walk.  That how I trust God and love my husband not only honors them but plants a seed for the next generation.  My attitude is infectious just like my parents.  I want my smile as I walk out this life to hold a candle to theirs.

Faithfully His,


  1. What a wonderful photo of your parents. Neither one looks eighty! I agree with you Patty, I hope and pray that my own faith walk has made a lasting impression on my children, nothing is more important to me than their salvation:>) I have two girls who love Jesus and I pray they continue faithfully in that walk and that their own children will some day share the legacy of faith:>)

  2. Hello, Patty! Thanks for stopping in. Your grandparents remind me of mine. They are both gone now but were each other's best friend. So sweet to watch that and know the love they shared.
    xo, Cheryl

  3. That is lovely. Your parents look like they do indeed love life, and each other! I was honored to have had parents who were truly in love, for almost most 50 years. I lost my darling Daddy 8 years ago. I wrote a poem, and read it as his funeral. It was titled, These Hands. I will blog it one day.

  4. What a nice picture of your parents, they look so happy!! You and your husband as well look like you love each other and enjoy each other!! You don't see too many people in a happy marriage these days. Parents do have an effect on our lives and help us become who we are. My dad passed away 12 years ago when I was six,and I don't remember hardly anything about him. I don't know if he can look down and see what is happening, but I like to think he can. I'm sure your parents are very happy with the life that you are leading. Thank you for your blog, I really enjoy reading your heartfelt posts!!

  5. Beautiful post Patty, your parents look so sweet & wonderful, ageing is such a gift in so many ways. I pray also to live life in the same manner, as a blessing & Light to my family.
    Have a lovely weekend
    Lots of love Karen x

  6. That is a wonderful picture! The happiness that they share shines through.
    What a wonderful legacy they have passed down to their posterity, and I think a wonderful legacy that you are passing down to your posterity also.

    Have a wonderful weekend :)

  7. What a great picture of your says so much!! We too...have tried to teach our sons by example and now that they are entering their 30's we feel confident that the lessons we lived and taught them are firmly instilled...material things are just that...nothing is greater than love and faith...I firmly believe that!!

  8. How blessed you are! There's a lot of love in those pictures!

  9. Such a stunning photo of your parents.
    Their smiles are priceless.
    It is telling in so many ways.

  10. The picture of your parents says so much. They have given so much to you and it shows in all you say on your blog. What a loving legacy they have already given you. I know you must treasure your time with them. From what I have read about your family here, that legacy is already being passed on to the next generation. What you said about their hands brought tears.

  11. What a beautiful post! I love how you and your husband's photo matches the one of your lovely parents. :)

  12. Patty what a beautiful post and tribute to your precious parents, and your faith walk. I feel sure you and your husband's walk together is both happy and inspiring to others, and that your parents feel blessed because of it.

  13. What a sweet post and pictures. Your blog is beautiful and inspiring. Let your light shine! You are greatly blessed.


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