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I had the chance to spend some time with three of my favorite bloggers a couple of Saturdays ago.  Elaine from Sunny Simple Life, my sister in law and I met up with Kris from Simplify and Mary Jane from The Beehive Cottage at a local craft show where Mary Jane was selling her beautiful handcrafted wares. 

We had the opportunity to tour her adorable vintage trailer and ooh and ah over her paper crafted lovelies.

(photo courtesy of The Beehive Cottage...more photos here)

Mary Jane's work is even prettier in real life.  I wanted it all!  If you haven't visited her Etsy shop, there is still a little time before Christmas...wink, wink.

It was hard to pick favorites but I finally narrowed it down to these beautiful items.  I can already tell I'm going to have a hard time actually giving these sweet tags away and have found a spot in my sewing room for this adorable clipboard.

If you've ever wondered what it would be like to meet up with fellow bloggers, I can tell you, these ladies are just as sweet in person as they are on their blogs.   I knew I felt a connection with them through what they share in their posts and after meeting them in person, that connection is real. We talked over lunch like we had been friends for years.  We've already made plans to meet up again soon.

 Enjoy your Sunday, Patty


  1. Stopping by to say Good Morning. Thanks for being here.

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog and for the kind comment. I'll be looking through your past posts, I'm sure I'll enjoy them as well.

    Cindy, Prairie's Edge Farm

  3. Hi Patty,

    I have purchased some of her adorable tags and vintage (looking) journals. I transferred all my handwritten/miscellaneous recipes into that sweet journal and it makes me smile a mile wide when I pull it out to bake. Those tags look so cute on your sewing table.

    Love to you sweet gal,


  4. Hi Patty, this is actuallyl Kris, but I am babysitting at my daughters this weekend and using her profile name. Sorry. You said it so perfectly. I was so at ease with each of you. I too felt like I had known you forever. I was so thrilled to bump into you at Maryjane's lovely trailer. She was an absolute love, and so were (are) the three of you!!!! I can't wait for our next meeting, and also to meet your dear, sweet friend Debbie too!!!
    XO Kris
    PS Love your buttons all sorted that way...

  5. What a great time! I've had the pleasure of meeting a number of blogger friends and consider myself very fortunate. They are exactly like their blogs. I love the clipboard!

  6. Oh I can't wait until the 3rd. You guys are the best and I have the best time with you.

  7. Oh that sounds like so much fun ! I have gotten a chance to meet a few of the bloggers in this area , and felt a instant connection to them also. Maybe it is because we all have similar interests, I don't know, but the connection is there .

  8. I am so envious of you!! :o) I would love to meet in real life, dear blogging friends. :o)
    Have a lovely Sunday.
    Sincerely, Trish

  9. Cute stuff! I think it would be so much fun to one day meet some of my blogging friends!

  10. How fun!!

    I think I follow two out of the three bloggers that you mentioned, and they truly seem like sweet and thoughtful women.

    Have fun with your new goodies :)

  11. How fun!! I love her little vintage trailer -- please tell me she just shows her wares out of it! I was captivated by all the jars of lovely buttons!! :)

  12. what a blessing to be able to meet up with some of your blogging friends!! Looks like you had a great time and came home with some great finds as well.

  13. How neat! I've been a fan of Beehive Cottage's work for a while. I bet to was hard to chose
    your favorites.
    So glad you had fun with your blogging buddies!

  14. What a fun day! And Maryjane's trailer is so cute I bet its even cuter in person.

  15. What beautiful choices. So glad you had such a fun day. Aren't blogging buddies the best ever?

  16. What a lovely time you had! And I love those wonderful colourful vintage images. Have a happy week, Patty.
    Helen x


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