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When you write posts on a blog for any length of time it can be harder and harder to find things to talk about.  I suppose if your blog has a specific purpose and label then it would be a bit easier because food bloggers need to eat and fashion bloggers need to get dressed and food and clothes are their passion so the content may come more naturally.

(boots - zulilly, quilted vest - Kohls, navy striped tee - Loft, jewelry - Kohls, pink scarf was a gift)

When you blog about life in general it's not so clear cut.  Let's face it, life (my life anyway) can be a bit mundane and repetitious.  So when I decided to start sharing again I let myself off the hook with
the number of posts per week and regularly scheduled subject posts, in other words I let myself off the guilt train of not measuring up.

My criteria now is will I inspire anyone to enjoy life, care for others or love themselves more with my words.  That's it.  No need to write words to simply fill up cyber space.  Who has that kind of time?  I don't to write it and I'm sure you don't to read it.

Now that doesn't mean my posts will all be life changing, heavy handed, soap box jumping posts.  It means let's enjoy this life we've been blessed with and live it with an attitude of thankfulness seeking beauty in the ordinary, even it's just getting up, foufing our hair and changing out of our pj's or yoga pants.

(boots - Kohls (similar), jeans - Loft, pink tee - Walmart, vest - Old Navy, jewelry - Kohls, scarf - gifted)

My friend Jen wrote the most profound post last week and it is really what inspired me to hit the keyboard again.  I encourage you to go read the whole thing here but today I want to focus on one quote in particular...

"-Buying clothing that fits me now instead of things that would fit me if I lost 10 pounds. Or 20. Life is short. Dress cute." Jennifer Kershner

Isn't that so true?  How many of us are waiting to dress cute when we can fit into those clothes that are stuffed in the back of our closets or even the ones that the twenty something year olds on our fashion pinterest boards are wearing. Or maybe you stay at home most days like I do.  It can be so tempting to lose interest in our appearance.  I know health issues and finances might limit our choices but my encouragement would be to do what you can.

(gold tank - Target, Navy sweater - Target, gently distressed jeans - Penneys, Shoes/Jewelry - Kohls)

About a year ago I made the decision to dress my body cute at whatever weight I'm at.  I use pinterest as inspiration and adapt to my proportions.  And I'm having so much fun doing it.  Would I still like to lose ten or twenty pounds?  Of course, but even if that never happens I can still dress cute because life is short and I will never be any younger than I am today and I have a secret for you, neither will you.

xo, Patty

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  1. you are looking so cute.. love your dresses..

  2. Dress cute is a great motto, and that bracelet with the hearts is very CUTE.

  3. I really enjoy your fashion posts!

  4. Such a good post, why does it take us so long to get that message? I love seeing what you put together. I'm glad you got off the guilt train. You clearly have plenty of people who love your blog (me!) and you always inspire me. I DO spend a lot of time in pj's, I was just thinking a few days ago, it's time to get some new cute ones so I can at least feel pretty when I'm being lazy! Why not? I tend to not make my loungewear a fashion priority, everything I have is old and ready to be replaced. If I'm going to wear it I need to still make sure it's presentable!

  5. You are positively fetching!!
    XO Kris

  6. Cute outfits! I try to look my best everyday (as much as is possible!) but since I work in an office it's probably easier for me to make that effort. If I stayed home, I could see me wearing pj's all day. Hats off to you for dressing cute!

  7. im so glad you came back. I wanna dress cute too. I bought some converse the other day but I need some new pants to make them look cute. then I need a new shirt to make the jeans look good. someone please help me lol

  8. Patty,
    You look so darn cute, dear friend!!!
    I'm going to have to take a l o n g look at my wardrobe!!!
    I know there's some "cute" clothes in there. . .some where!!!

  9. You always look adorable in your fashion posts. It reminds me that I need to dress cute once in awhile. We tend to forget it when we're retired and home alot. I usually at least do get dressed most days (unless I'm sick like I am now) but tend to wear the same old thing day after day - jeans and a t-shirt and tennies. I love your gold tank and the blue sweater over it and LOVE those brown boots. I've gotten to wear I can't wear heels of any kind as they make one of my feet hurt big time... so it's hard to feel "fetching" and cute with flat shoes on.. but those boots sure do help (and those cute shoes!). Thanks for the reminder. Most of my clothes are OLD and haven't saved very many from my working days... but I've decided to go ahead and wear that "good" sweater around the house, even if I'm not going anywhere. It does make one feel better (now just wish hubby would do the same thing!). :-)

  10. I love your fashion posts because you are a real live person like me, not a model. You have inspired me today!

  11. "Keeping" clothing that fits me now instead of things that would fit me if I lost 10 pounds?? Thanks - I am now inspired to clean my closet of those "a bit too small" clothing pieces.

  12. You look so cute Patty and I agree with you no matter what weight I still like to keep up with fashion and dress cute. I actually have a fashion post coming up again too. I haven't done one in years.

  13. I am with you. It's time to get out of over sized sweatshirts and tennis shoes and back into blazers and boots! I think that's going to be my new motto. I think you always look cute and your fashion posts are some that I really look forward to seeing when I visit. I hope you have a wonderful 2016 setting the fashion trends. :)

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