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It's no secret that I love costume jewelry (do they still call it that?).  I've been collecting it for more than a few years now so I have quite a stash.  I think the right necklace can really take an outfit from so so to perfectly polished with little effort, and if you hit the thrift stores like I do, very little cash.

I have tried different ways of displaying/storing it but with each new necklace it becomes more and more difficult to see what's where.

Since I am a procrastinator by nature, I'm usually reaching for my jewelry as I'm heading out the door so I find it so frustrating when I know which necklace I want to wear but either can't locate it or I have to untangle it from a mess of other pretty baubles.

I knew I'd outgrown my current system and I thought about having my hubby cut me a piece of peg board the size of a large frame so that I could hang my jewelry from the peg holes.  But that would number one require money, and number two require me to wait on his timing.  (And somehow I knew he wouldn't see the urgency of the situation.)

So I turned to pinterest (but you knew that, right) and I found the idea of using cup hooks on a painted wood plank.  Cute, but not large enough.  Think same idea only bigger.

Then I remembered this frame turned chalk board that I used on my hot cocoa station at Christmas.

I could have painted the frame and board a bright color but instead opted to use this pretty Target calendar for inspiration and loosely drew a few flowers to mimic the look of the calendar.

I painted them with some craft paint I had on hand in colors that go with my decor, adding a little bit of pen work for detail.

I then screwed in some cup hooks from my tool box (three inches apart, staggering the rows) and added a length of picture framing wire across the back attached with a staple gun so that I could hang it on the wall with a couple of nails.

Now my favorite baubles and bangles hang just two to a hook so that grabbing the necklace I want is quick and easy.  I love how pretty it turned out and it's so functional plus it was free.  You can't beat that.

xo, Patty


  1. It looks great, and free projects are my favorite!

  2. Patty,
    Amazing idea for hanging your beautiful necklaces, dear friend!!!
    I had seen something similar years ago, using picture frames and vintage door knobs!!!
    You have a great collection of jewelry. .. and an amazing place to store it now!!!

  3. How creative, Im a big jewelry fan too but just paired my down to 6 pieces to keep.

  4. Very cute idea. If you run out of space, there's a thing called Crazy Tacks out there.. a cute decorate little "tack" that has a longer nail thingy.. and you can just push it right into your wall and hang things from it. They come in clear and in different colors. Very cute and easy... love your black frame and the flowers turned out so pretty.

  5. Perfect! And so pretty too!!
    xo Kris

  6. It looks great! I think it's important to have it out where you can appreciate it and really use it!


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