paper nests


I have been busy this week getting ready for my March Makerie party guests.  We meet tonight for a bit of crafting, some fun conversation and plenty of food.

One of my favorite things in preparing for the workshops is coming up with the tablescape and little appreciation gifts for each of the ladies.  Sometimes the ideas I start out with kind of evolve organically and turn out even cuter than I imagined.

These paper nests definitely fit into that category.  I knew I wanted to make the little flower pins but wasn't sure what I wanted to put in the center and then it hit me...make them into little nests.

Aren't they cute?  And they were so simple to put together.  I just made miniature paper blooms out of old dressmaking pattern paper (you know, the kind you fold like a fan and then separate into flowers), added a bit of moss to the center and hot glued a speckled egg.  Then I added a pin fastener to the back and adorable paper nest pin.

I promise to take pictures after I've set the table for the party to share with you soon.  Have a great weekend!

xo, Patty


  1. Patty,
    These are adorable for Easter, dear friend!!!
    Love the bright banner beneath the nests, too!!!

  2. Patty, That is so cute and crafty. I think my grandgirls would love to make some of those. Hope you have a great time. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  3. These are just beautiful....perfect for Easter!


  4. OMGOSH!!! How cute are those! What a sweet idea. My grandgirls would love putting those together. Thanks for the idea. xo Diana

  5. So cute Patty! I look forward to seeing the table too. Thanks for sharing these ideas for fun get togethers :)


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