an honest heart


Last week I made a decision to use this little blog of mine to share a bit of beauty everyday from a very ordinary life.  A life filled with happy moments and sad disappointments...

A life a lot like yours I'm sure.

It seems ever since I made that conscious choice, my life has turned decidedly more trying.  My patience has been tested and failed, my heart has been cold and my actions quite selfish.  I have been tired and acted as if the world (or at least those close to me) have been a bit of a burden.  I have felt empty.  It has been harder to find beauty...

And then this morning God gave me this...

"How precious is your unfailing love, O God.  All humanity finds shelter in the shadow of your wings.  You feed them from the abundance of your own house letting them drink from your rivers of delight.  For you are the fountain of life, the light by which we see.  Pour out your unfailing love on those who love you; give justice to those with honest hearts. "  Psalm 36: 7-10

The source of beauty is not found in my everyday circumstances and brokenness, it is found in God's unfailing love for me and for you.  He longs to delight me, to feed me beauty, if I would but fix my eyes on Him and his creation instead of my own limited, fractured perspective.  If I will live with an honest heart, he will pour out His love on me.

Give me an honest heart O Lord, so that I might see the delights you have waiting for me.

xo, Patty


  1. wow i am so impressed.. nice post

  2. Lovely Patty. You are a sweetie of a friend and I am blessed to get to spend time with you.

  3. Just the words I need today. Sometimes it's hard to see those blessings. Hugs

  4. This very morning I cried to the Lord...I've been very self-centered, unkind, etc...and needed to ask for forgiveness and go His Love and Peace
    I'm wondering about your Bible...I noticed there is room to write, could you please tell me which type it is. Thank you.

  5. Beautiful. We all have days/weeks when we let the cares of the world get the best of us. I know it is something I struggle with a lot. We will never be perfect and neither will life, but we know who to run to and who to ask for help. We know who puts our feet back on the right path. Beautiful verse. Isn't Bible journaling wonderful?!

  6. Beautiful Patty, and I love your cute note keeping in the margins, I wish my Bible had room like that. I'm life has been a struggle lately and I always know who to turn to :)

  7. Oh! To always have an honest and open heart, Patty. I am sorry that you have been struggling with has a way of going from bad to worse sometimes before it begins to get better. I have had some of those dark days myself. God bless you- xo Diana

  8. Patty, Each day in my prayers, I ask God to make me be the woman He wants me to be. I try to always treat other like I want to be treated...I want to be trusting of others...that's the part that I truly need help with. Blessings you sweet girl, xoxo,Susie

  9. I have been feeling much the same way lately... so this verse and your blog post is also just what I needed. You may enjoy going to May May Made It's YouTube channel. She is doing a weekly bible scripture "art journal" where each week, she chooses and scripture and makes a journal or scrapbook page. We can follow along, and I'm doing just that and really enjoying it. She also has a Facebook group called Hide His Word in My Heart that anyone can join, to share, pray and post our own pages that we make. I hope she includes this verse as one of the ones she uses during this next year! I need to remember that He is watching over me and sheltering me..... with the current health issues I am experiencing.... sometimes it's hard to see beauty when we are suffering and feel hopeless. I am going to put this verse up on my wall!

  10. Hello Patty...What a totally lovely post! And so true, too. All good comes from the hand of our heavenly Father, our sweet and faithful Lord. Susan

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