hey, batter batter


I spent yesterday afternoon at the ball park watching my six year old grandson play baseball.  Every time I sit on those bleachers and hear the hey, batter batter chant I am instantly sent back to my childhood.

My father coached Little League and Pony League ball my whole growing up years.  With three older brothers there was never a time when we weren't headed out to a ball field of some sort.  I loved that time in my life.  The freedom we were allowed back then to run around the park, buy a snow cone and chew copious amounts of pink bubble gum are all such great memories.

Being out there again watching the kids learn the game of baseball, the teasing and horsing around, the errant throws and the thrill of getting a hit reminds me that things are not so different now.  Kids still love the noisy tinny clank of the bleachers, younger brothers and sisters still make their own fun in the grass and dirt while mom and dad cheer on their siblings.

Sure we are more aware of the evil in the world but there is still so much innocence left in the young and if we try...maybe even in the young at heart.

xo, Patty


  1. Love the pictures of all the tiny ones learning to play.Such a great way to grow up.

  2. Patty, Thank you for this post. It took me back also. My girls and my grandkids played ball. I wish all parents would remember it's children playing ...not pros. Some say mean things. I learned early...it's more relaxing to cheer for all the kids and both sides. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  3. What a cutie your grandson is! My boys played soccer for many years when they were growing up, and I loved going to their games. I'm hoping one day if I'm blessed with a grandchild or grandchildren that he/she/they will play some kind of sport so I can enjoy the outdoor games again. Your photos are beautiful with the mountains in the background...this coming, of course, from someone who lives in the flat Midwest. ;-)

  4. Such fun watching the little ones play sports. I am always thinking how much safer we were growing up. There still were creeps out there but it was a safer world.

  5. Wonderful post, your pictures are amazing, how cute are these little boys trying to learn the game.

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  6. How fun! I could definitely enjoy sitting in the sunshine cheering a grandchild on :>)


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