a mind shift


I find that my mind has already begun the shift from cool weather to warm weather activities.  Even though the weather is mild here in Southern California, we still mark seasons just the same.  If we are lucky enough to get a bit of rain in the winter, now is when our local mountains take on a beautiful soft green and the trees begin to leaf out.

Most of my roses are in full bloom and the cutting has started in earnest.  I could easily cut a bouquet every couple of days right now but they are so pretty on the bush that I settle for a few fresh blooms a couple of times a week.

Thoughts of no school and heading out to the pool or beach have started to sneak into our conversations as well.  I plan on doing a little porch and patio decorating this weekend because I know BBQ season is just a week or two a way.  We are in need of some pretty new pillows for the front rockers and I want to find a colorful oil cloth fabric for the patio table.

What about you?  Is summer on your mind or are you just holding on to the hope of spring?

xo, Patty


  1. lovely flowers
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  2. How pretty. You're so blessed to have such selections to bring in.

  3. Oh- I envy your weather. We got three inches of new snow last night and heavy winds today. UGH!
    Your photos are GORGEOUS! xo Diana

  4. Your flowers are exquisite! Such a joy to see.

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  5. Hi Patty, your flowers are amazing. I have never grown roses before, but planted twelve this year. Eight are climbers, because I think they will be wonderful growing on the picket fences and four are tea roses. I hope to have bouquets in my house, too. Do you think that I'll get any blooms, this first year?

  6. Patty, I love your flowers. Glad you are enjoying them. My husband grilled out yesterday...just for the treat of it. It's cold today, windy and gray. Our spring is not being very nice right now. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  7. Holding on to the hope of Spring for sure here Patty! We still have a couple of chilly months before things really get nice. I am surprised when you say your trees are just leafing out. It seems so warm there all the time, I guess I have never realized your trees lose leaves and stay bare all winter too?

  8. Beautiful flowers patty. Still looking forward to Spring. Have not thought about summer yet.

  9. Try as I might to hold onto winter just a wee bit longer, there is no denying it, Spring is here, and Winter has slipped out of our grasp. I want to have you gals and grands again for a summer swim!!!!

  10. It's cool, gray & rainy here in eastern Illinois. My daffodils are about 2" high and every thing else still looks like late winter. Your flowers are so beautiful & I wish I was enjoying some of that warm, sunny weather!

  11. The weather here in Florida is perfection. I don't look forward to the summer and heat so right now, I am holding onto spring. I love it.

    Beautiful flowers!


  12. Your flowers are gorgeous in that pitcher! I'm not a fan of Summer, so I'm holding onto Spring as much as I can :)


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